The Price of Cream Cheese

bagels_and_cream_cheeseEveryone loves Bagels, especially here in the USA where the Bagel originated, but every time I go into a Bagel store and order one, I wonder how on earth they manage to justify charging an arm and a leg for a smear of cream cheese.

Let’s just look at two of the biggest chain stores that sell Bagels, Einstein Bagels and Dunkin Donuts.   The price of a Bagel is between 80 cents and just over a dollar if you have nothing on it.  But add a smear of cream cheese, and the price sky-rockets to around $2.50!

How do they justify charging you $1.50 or more just for a meagre scrape of cream cheese?

Frequently at the weekends I will take my daughters to Einstein Bagels for breakfast.  Ok, call me stingy, but rather than buying 4 Bagels with cream cheese  on them,  I buy 6 (getting one free) and a tub of cream cheese and spread my own.   The assistant still has to cut the Bagels and run them through the toaster though.

Together with drinks, the price works out at around $15, and there is more than enough cream cheese in a tub to spread thickly on all 6 Bagels.   Were I to have got only 4 Bagels and had the assistant spread the cream cheese, the cost would be $18 or more.

I just don’t understand, and furthermore I don’t know how they continue to get away with ripping off customers so badly.

Actually I am quite happy to rip a Bagel apart and eat it on it’s own, especially if it’s a Cinnamon Raisin or Assiago Cheese one, or just really fresh and soft.

So what say you?  Please give us some feedback on the extortionate cost of cream cheese, forward this to your friends, post it on other social sites, and let’s see if we can let this protest spread (sic!) around the USA and bring down the price of cream cheese on our Bagels…

I’m A Grandma!


Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written but life has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few months.

Let me introduce you to Josias Andrew who arrived on Monday 20th July at 9.50pm GMT and weighed in at 7lbs 9oz.

Mother and baby and both doing very well and have been at home since Tuesday.

So my life has turned another corner and I’ve graduated to Granny status.  But I’m not going to be known as Granny… but Nana.

Nana Deb 😉

The Lost Posts

lost postsNo I haven’t physically lost anything, but this is about all the posts that I have wanted to write this month, but just haven’t had the time or energy to get around to.

I am frustrated that my last post was about taking my girls to the park on the 3rd July, which is now almost 3 weeks ago, and so much has happened in my life since then!  

I really did want to write about my first 4th July as an American Citizen, which involved taking the girls to the water park,  and other than that pretty much spending the rest of the day on my own, but sometimes a break is a good thing.

Driving into work I wanted to write about the different country songs that I was listening to (the other morning shows here in South Florida suck) and my feelings about them and what has been discussed on the radio.   Tuesday morning the odometer on my car clocked past the 145,000 mile mark, and thankfully it’s still running.  I had feared that either the tires or the suspension or something else unexpected was going to happen before I leave for England next week.

I wanted to write about Debbie becoming a Grandma, which happened on Monday.   Her daughter and husband have been trying for so long to have a baby, and now finally their dream has come true.

 I wanted to write about my struggles to pack my personal effects up ready to head back to the UK, my battle against my habit of procrastinating, causing me to have to be up packing until after midnight for so many nights.   My trying to organize my personal effects in a storage unit when it’s 90+ degrees and incredibly humid, my fears that I would run out of time to have everything ready to ship.

There are so many things I would have loved to blog about in detail, but the exhaustion and number of things I had to take care of just left me brain dead day after day, week after week, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Today I felt that I had to post, even if it’s just about the LOST POSTS…

A Morning With The Girls At Topeekeegee-Yugnee Park

Since tomorrow is 4th July and it falls on a Saturday this year, I had today off work, which makes for a nice 3 day weekend.

Fortunately I was allowed to go and see my daughters (4 and 8), so I took them out to eat at Einstein Bagels, which is where my eldest daughter likes to go for breakfast.  They are usually pretty good when I take them out to eat, and after breakfast we headed down to Topeekeegee-Yugnee Park (popularly known as T-Y Park), which is only a couple of miles up the road from where they live.  T-Y Park is pretty large, 150 acres, and they enjoy not only the playground, but also walking around the large lake, feeding the Squirrels, and especially petting each and every dog that passes or comes close to them.

Today it was pretty hot and sticky, close to 90 degrees and not much of a breeze at first, so I took them to the playground, where they had a good time, and then we wandered across to the lake.  It has been raining so much the last couple of weeks, that the level of the lake is close to 2 feet higher than normal, so it’s larger, deeper, and the fish seemed to be having a good time, as well as the dogs that were swimming in there.  Walking around the far side of the lake we found someone who had 2 large black dogs that enjoyed swimming, and they would race each other to get to every stick that the girls threw into the water.  They had a great time.

We also fed the Squirrels, or at least I did.  Someone had left a pile of peanuts on one of the picnic tables, so I grabbed a few and had the Squirrels eating out of my hand.  Unfortunately the first Squirrel who I tried to feed wasn’t too sure, so instead of reaching out for the peanut, he clawed my finger and then bit it, his claw drawing blood, but so far I don’t seem to have suffered any infection.

Being a Friday there were fewer people there than usual, and subsequently there were more Squirrels, Birds and Iguanas out.  We usually see quite a lot of Squirrels, and birds too, but today I managed to get some good photos of a Blue Jay, almost got decent ones of a Kingfisher, and I got excellent ones of a couple of the larger Iguanas that were out sunning themselves on the grass.

Their Mom wanted them back by 12:30pm, so after the park we headed to Wendys, usually easy to get a quick bite for lunch, but today it was packed, and since this must be about the slowest Wendys in the country (service is always horribly slow, pathetic, and they take an hour to clean up and mess or restock too), we headed to McDonalds instead.  Now this isn’t the best either, but today it was practically empty and at least the service was quick.

Back to the house, dropped them off, got my usual myriad of hugs from my eldest, much to the disgust of her Mother, who usually just wants me out of there as quickly as possible, and back home, via my local Walmart to do my weekly grocery shop.  Now for the last 2 months they have been completely revamping the food section, and it’s a nightmare trying to find anything.  So since today was chaotic in there, I just got most of the essentials and then headed to the Farmers Market down the road for the rest.  The service here is really good, friendly, and the prices are good too.