WARNING: Nigerian Facebook Scams

Once in a while everyone who is on Facebook gets a friend request from someone that they don’t know, but with all the recent security issues on Facebook, plus the spamming that seems to be going on constantly, it’s good advice to not approve any friend requests unless you know who that person is.

Recently there seems to be another spate of people wanting to be my friend on Facebook, a number of them from Africa, mainly Nigeria, and we all know the scams that come out of that country by now, or if not we ought to!

Looking at the profiles of these people, they look pretty innocent, but then you see they have friends who look like attractive women, actually a few I noticed today because their photos were sideways, which nobody would do on purpose, so I assume these were selected from a catalog of downloaded photos, with the user not realizing that they would rotate on upload.

The profile pictures in the photo gallery have lots of people mentioned, even though there is only one person in the picture, and it’s an obvious sign that it’s a fake profile, of which there are many thousands on Facebook unfortunately.

Sadly I have noticed that some of my friends have accepted friend requests from some of these, and the most concerning thing is that if as a Squidoo lensmaster I receive a friend request from someone who is already friends with 20 or more of my friends, I am more likely to just approve them without checking who they are.  That would make 21 friends to the next in line who gets an invitation.

I have no idea if there is a scam, if these people just want to get as many friends as they can, or to acquire contacts that they can spam or scam to later, but I think it’s wise to expect the worst.

Scams usually include phony requests for money, but could include sending viruses via rogue Facebook Apps, which nobody wants, right!

So if you get any Facebook friend requests from people that you don’t know, PLEASE check their profile first and make sure that they are someone that you WANT to have as a friend on Facebook, or be prepared to face the consequences later… and don’t say you haven’t been warned…

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  1. I had my first email scam the other day from Malaysia. Also, some dubious links sent via DM from people I don’t know on Twitter. I subscribe to WOT which alerted me that the links led to sites with a “poor reputation”. I’m not on Facebook; as for Twitter DMs, I no longer read them or click on anything. If you can’t say it in public, I probably don’t want to know it or hear it. Social networking sites are very attractive to scam artists, as people tend to drop their guard and forget that the people they “know” – well, they don’t really know them after all.

  2. I typically do not FB friend people who I have never met personally but a couple have slipped by accidentally. For example, I thought I was liking a blog but ended up friending her by mistake.

    I keep getting Skype messages asking me to get a woman at a Russian dating site. Someone even had the audacity to ring my computer. No matter how many times I tell them to leave me alone and block their IDs they still find a way to come back like cockroaches. So I blogged about them. 🙂

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  3. Hmmm, this makes me wonder if it is directed at me. I am a really bad offender of taking friends of Squidoo friends. And I do know better, as I did and published an experiment about this. Sorry. I will be more careful.
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  4. You need to find the initial source of the friend request from Nigeria by looking into recently added friends. Then start deleting people you don’t know that reside in other countries. The best thing to do is add them to your blocked lists. It will take some time and brain power but eventually they will expire requesting you. If they try to message you, block them. Took me about a week to get the situation under control.

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