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Debbie & Tony’s Wedding April 7th 2010

Debbie & Tony's WeddingDebbie and I got married on 7th April 2010 at the registry office in Southampton.

The day started early, with Debbie going to have her hair done, and it took a while for me to get used to the new look, since her hair has always been very curly, and for our big day she had it straightened. She did look stunning though.

Having both been married before, we decided to break with tradition and we both rode down to the registry office together in a lovely Rolls Royce with a chauffeur.

When we arrived a lot of family and friends were there already, and it was nice to be able to socialise with them before the wedding started, rather than having to stay separate, especially since we don’t see many of the family that often.

The weather was nice with no rain, but not too bright either, and everyone had a wonderful day. With it being April you can never completely rely on the weather, and the forecast said that we might have showers, but in the end we were really lucky and it was practically perfect.

After the wedding we walked down to part of the old walls of the city for photographs, and then off to our reception at The Waters Edge, a restaurant on the Hamble River with wonderful views over the river and the yacht harbour.

These are just a few pictures of our day that we wanted to share with you.

I’m A Grandma!


Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written but life has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few months.

Let me introduce you to Josias Andrew who arrived on Monday 20th July at 9.50pm GMT and weighed in at 7lbs 9oz.

Mother and baby and both doing very well and have been at home since Tuesday.

So my life has turned another corner and I’ve graduated to Granny status.  But I’m not going to be known as Granny… but Nana.

Nana Deb 😉


rm2Oh dear… where to start?

Tony keeps gently reminding me that we have a blog and that some input from me would be nice.

I keep meaning to write on here, but what can I say?   My head is full of pregnant daughter… make that HEAVILY pregnant daughter, her up and coming house move whilst heavily pregnant,  Tony’s plans for coming home which just happens to be the same week as my first Grandchild will arrive,  Rocketmoms on Squidoo which I just joined, and the major, number One distraction in my life… TAGFOOT!!

I’ve just completed my first Rocketmoms lens When Debbie Met Tony

I have no idea how I get all this stuff done and still manage to work full time.

I’m barely sleeping where I’m so excited about Tony coming back and the baby arriving… oh, we know the sex!!! 

When Tony is back, he’ll then have to find a job here and then we’re moving house at the end of October and oh, I almost forgot… there’s a little thing called a wedding to plan too 🙂

Isn’t life great?

Another Batch Of Fresh Lenses

Both Debbie and I have been busy this last couple of weeks creating new lenses on Squidoo.

While Debhie has been working on her collection of lenses about Hampshire, I have been working on my USA States lenses, and also a local one about my daily walks.

Firstly, Debbie created a lens about Southampton, the city where she lives.  Southampton is one of the largest ports in England, in the middle of the South Coast, and has seen many famous ships sail down the river, including The Titanic, Queen Mary and Elizabeth, and also their successors the QE2 and QM2.

She just completed another about Netley, a suburb of Southampton which has a lot of history.  Netley has ruins of an Abbey, as well as an old military hospital, the remains of which have been turned into a country park.

Meanwhile, I just completed a lens about the morning walks that I take where I live in Deer Creek in South Florida.  The lens has over 80 photographs from the walk, including some nice homes, lakes, and much of the tropical foliage and wildlife of the area.

I have also been working on a set of lenses about the states in the USA.  I am creating these in alphabetical order, and so far have completed Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and California.   Each lens has background information on each state, and a list of other lenses about that state.  If you have a Squidoo lens about any of these states, please feel free to add it to the list of lenses to get some free promotion.

If I haven’t got to your state yet, why not subscribe to our blog so you can be kept up to date with progress.  I hope you enjoy what you see here.

A Recipe For Victory

victoryA Recipe For Victory



One  large,  good, solid idea

A good pinch of AIM/GOALS

One unique theme

A cool name

One cute logo

A massive amount of effective Support




Develop the idea over long periods of time.

Keep your aims clear and focused.

Blend in a unique theme and add a dollop of a cool name.  Mix with this in equal parts a cute logo.

Test, test and test again.  Invite friends to sample your product at regular intervals.  Encourage them to tag, tag, and tag some more.

Throw in a helping of Adsense and a pint of Amazon. This will produce revenue.

Blend all ingredients together and add some badges and ample amounts of goodies.

Pour mixture into Foot shaped tins and cook for as long as it takes.

Meantime, cherish, nurture and encourage the taggers in their footsteps.

When the mixture is ready, and only you’ll know when, hit the


Stand back, admire and be proud in your  VICTORY  because your creation will rise and become the best on the net.


This blog entry is a contest entry on Tagfoot