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My Digital Tyre Inflator Saved My Bacon This Morning

In the Spring I bought a digital tyre inflator because I was fed up with having to go to the service station every couple of weeks to keep tyres on my car pumped up. The rear tyres keep losing air, and this inflator has proved to be incredibly useful, so much better than the analogue one that I used to have.

This morning I managed to leave the house 10 minutes early on my daily commute to work, and on my way up the hill about half a mile after leaving home I noticed a strange sound, but didn’t pay too much attention. I was more concerned about whether leaving home early would help me to beat the solid traffic jam that I have to face every day, and if you live in Southampton and have to drive over the river at Wood Mill every day, well you know full well what I mean. It usually takes me 20 minutes to do the first mile from home, and by the time I get over the river, the traffic has built up on the other side.

By the time I reached the queue and stopped, about a mile from home, the queue was nice and short. But then the driver behind me got out of his car, ran up to mine and said “did you know you have a flat tyre”?

Well to put it mildly I was rather peeved, having noticed that the rear tyre on the driver’s side was a little low, but I didn’t think it was THAT low!

So, I pulled the car over onto the pavement, got my tyre inflator out of the back, and set it going to put some more air into the rear tyre on my side, which is the one that goes down most often.

I left this running for a minute or so, then to my horror I saw that the tyre on the passenger side was completely flat, just like a pancake!

“Oh crap!” I thought to myself, I hope it inflates ok, or I will be really late for work, and it’s a busy day today for me.

Fortunately the tyre inflated ok, and I got to work ok, albeit barely before the buzzer went to start work, as by the time I got going again the traffic had really built up.

If you don’t have a tyre inflator and suffer from your car tyres going flat on occasions, I highly recommend the Polco Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator, which is the one that I purchased after a lot of searching and reading reviews.

I certainly haven’t been disappointed with this handy inexpensive gadget, and what I do love is that I can set the pressure that I want the tyre to inflate to, connect it to the tyre, turn it on and it stops automatically when the tyre has been correctly inflated.

I purchased mine at but also have a wide range of Digital Tyre Inflators.

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Amazon Black Friday Specials


Don’t forget that tomorrow is BLACK FRIDAY and the greatest shopping day of the year.

Amazon have some amazing Black Friday bargains scheduled throughout the Holiday Shopping Weekend, with different items being revealed every few hours, and on sale at crazy prices until the time is up or the stock runs out.

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Thanksgiving Day Online Sales From Walmart ONE DAY ONLY

Walmart Thanksgiving Day Online SpecialsWalmart has some AMAZING Thanksgiving Day Sales, so you can not only get a jump on Black Friday, you can shop from the comfort of home instead of braving the crowds tomorrow.

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