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These are posts related to the Squidoo site, Squidoo Lensmasters and Squidoo Lenses. Squidoo is a great site where writers can create stunning pages (lenses) about practically anything, without the need to know HTML etc.

My Zecharia Sitchin Lens Is On The Front Page Today

Zecharia Sitchin Author Of The Earth ChroniclesI just found out that my Squidoo lens about Zecharia Sitchin is being featured on the front page of Squidoo today.  That explains the extra traffic I guess.

If you haven’t heard of Zecharia Sitchin and you are interested in ancient mysteries, like those featured in the books by Erik Von Daniken like Chariots Of The Gods, then I am sure you will find Sitchin’s works fascinating.

Unloved Lenses Of The Week 20 Feb 2012

SquidooAs many of you know I am a lensmaster on Squidoo, which in plain English means that I am a creator and publisher of pages (lenses) on a site called Squidoo.

While some of my lenses generally perform fairly well, there are others that perform like a proverbial Lead Balloon unfortunately.

On a discussion today on Facebook I thought it might be a good idea to post a weekly article where I list one of my lowest ranking lenses, and invite other lensmasters to add one of theirs via comments.

Feel free to add a lens of your own, just one please. A short description of the lens, what it means to you, or a note about it, would be nice, and if you have time to visit any of the other lenses that are listed, that would be even better.

One of my lowest ranking lenses this week is Demi Moore Movies And Collectables which is languishing with a lensrank of 290,000. Hopefully she will be back in fashion soon.

Please don’t spam! Any more than one lens in the comment and you will be banned, and Squidoo lenses only please. Any other web sites that are added will be reported.

From Restraining The Deranged To Killing Giant Octopuses

No, I’ve lost neither my mind nor my morals! I’ve recently blogged about common English errors on blogs and I was making some additions. I was looking at strait, straits and straight and wanted a picture of a stretch of water to go with strait. Off to Wikipedia and a look at the first strait that came to mind – the Cook Strait, flowing between the North and South Islands of New Zealand, connecting the Tasman Sea with the South Pacific.

I’m not into show tunes but I do love myths and legends so I followed up on the Maori history. They believe Cook Strait was discovered just over a thousand years ago by Kupe, a great chief of Hawaiki and great navigator. He’d tried to bump off his cousin, kidnapped the cousin’s wife and set sail. Along the way he sailed through the Cook Strait when chasing a giant octopus named Te Wheke-a-Muturangi. Eventually Kupe killed it by chopping off its arms with an adze. James Cook in 1770 was a mere parvenu and a bit boring after attempted murder, adultery and killing a god’s pet octopus!

Restraining the deranged? Some of you will be ahead of me here – straitjackets. I was disappointed to learn that “straightjacket” is acceptable – it just doesn’t look right. Consolation came with the finding that the plural word “straits”, in the watery sense, is one of the few English plurals which take a singular article. A bit anorakky of me, I admit, but I do love words and their quirks and peculiarities.

So, a little bit of free-ranging word association and a good half hour filled with things that weren’t the things I should have been doing. And the next time Microsoft Project seems a little uninviting there’s the further adventures of Kupe to look out for.

All of you bloggers and lovers of correct English, please have a look at Common English Errors and let me know if I’ve included all you think should be there. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. So are corrections but I’m hoping there won’t be many of those!

I Received A New Purple Star Award From Squidoo

For those of you who don’t know about Squidoo, it’s a site where you can create your own web pages (lenses) on just about any topic.

A Purple Star Award is only given to lenses that are of a high standard, and also they must have been created by a Giant Squid, a lensmaster that has created at least 50 lenses of a high standard.

This week I was awarded a Purple Star for my latest lens, which is The Top 25 Tom Hanks Movies, and which I hope to make the first in a series.

Previously I have been awarded 3 other Purple Stars, for:

If you haven’t seen any of these lenses, I hope you have time to take a look.

If you are interested in creating your own lenses on Squidoo, CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a lensmaster.   It’s FREE – and a lot of fun creating lenses too.

We Are Teaming Up With The Squidoo City Guide

Big Jim very kindly created a post on his Squidoo City Guide blog all about my USA States lenses and the fact that there are lists on each of them where lensmasters can add their lenses about each state.

The Squidoo City Guide group contains hundreds of lenses about cities all around the world.   By adding your lens to this group, you are increasing the exposure of your lens, since not only will there be a link to your lens from the Group page, chances are that Jim will write about it at some point on his blog.    If you link back to the Squidoo City Guide from your lens, you are increasing the exposure for the Squidoo City Guide, and the better that fares, the more benefit you are likely to get from it.

If you have lenses about the USA, my suite of lense about each State are another place where you can add your lenses.  Based on a State rather on a City basis, both Jim’s Squidoo City Guide and my USA States suite complement each other well, and each of my State lenses links to Squidoo City Guide and vice versa.

So, to get maximum exposure to your USA lenses, I recommend adding them to the Squidoo City Guide as well as to my suite of USA State lenses.  Link back to my State lens and I will add a Featured Lens link back to yours, as well as you having a link on the list.   Don’t forget to Lensroll too.

You can’t go wrong!  Add your lens to these two, link back to both, and watch your traffic increase.