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Cobian Backup Review : Best Free Computer Backup Software

There are a number of computer backup programs that are available for free download, but few do everything that you want them to, and are limited in their functionality.  This is definitely not true when it comes to Cobian Backup.

It’s also frustrating when you download a free program only to find that it’s free only for 30 days, or that the key functionality has been removed, requiring you to pay for it.

The latest version of Cobian Backup does do virtually anything that you need, and it is free to use without any time limits being applied to the licence.

It is what I use to backup the data on all of my computers, and it’s flexibility makes it ideal for backing up a computer over a wireless connection, for example a laptop.

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Cobian Backup Best Free Computer Backup Software

Are You Backing Up Your PC Properly?

Are you backing up your PC data adequately?So many of us put off backing up the critical data on our PC’s, and yet what would be the effect of us losing this data?   Are you taking the necessary precautions to backup your data?

In some cases, losing things such as photographs of your wedding, child’s birth, or other special events, would be soul destroying.  I know it would be for me, and I almost lost a set of photos once when my computer got infected with a virus.

I wrote a detailed article about the various backup options that are available, both backup devices as well as programs that you can use to backup data.  CLICK HERE to read the article.  I hope that you find this useful.

Don’t forget that backing up to a device attached to your PC is not necessarily enough.  Should you get a power surge, an external hard drive could also become corrupted.   It’s important to keep off site backups of your data as well as in the same place as your PC, in case of fire, flood, or theft.