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Have You Lost Your Writing Mojo?

It’s been six months now since I lost my writing Mojo, and so far I haven’t had any luck in getting it back.

It’s not that I have any shortage of ideas on what to write about, but I do have only short time periods in the morning and lunchtime in which to write, plus a longer spell in the evening, and I know that if I don’t complete an article in one session, the impetus will disappear and it’s always a struggle to finish it.

I have lost count of the number of great articles that I have written in my head, and which I haven’t had time to write down, and so they have been consigned to the virtual scrapheap for eternity.

One big problem is that I need to earn more online, since my full time day job just provides for us to live, but not for us to be able to take a vacation, like seeing my daughters once a year (they live in Florida and we live in the UK).  So it’s not enough to just spend time writing what comes into my head, I need to try and focus on writing about topics where I might be able to earn a few pennies, which makes it harder.

One place where I have written consistently for the last 5 years is Squidoo, and in 2012 my traffic and earnings there were growing nicely over previous years.  However, changes at both Squidoo and on Google resulted in huge traffic drops in November, and since then it’s just been a downhill slide, with traffic stalling, sales and earnings declining, and no signs that anything is going to change at any time soon.

Once popular pages on Google still seem to be popular if I do a search, but the number of visitors has lowered, and there doesn’t seem to be a magic solution for trying to get that traffic back.

Squidoo have also been trying to combat those members who have been cheating to try and gain more than their rightful portion of the shared revenue, and while they have had some success here, they are relying on automated filters to check pages, rather than using the human eye, which can spot spam or plagiarised work easily, and as a result not only have many poor quality pages slipped through, many high quality ones have been flagged, and it’s often taken the creator hours of editing to try and find out what has tripped the filters and how to get a page to re-publish.

This has resulted in a lot of stress for those who write on Squidoo, and when you go to make a change to a page and don’t know whether you will be able to re-publish it or not, you lose a lot of the enthusiasm that comes with writing.  We all know that stress is a killer, and right now the Squidoo stress has pretty much killed my writing mojo!.

So what do I do about it?

One solution is to do like a number of other lensmasters (authors on Squidoo) have done, and that is to stop writing on Squidoo, and to write elsewhere, maybe on their own sites where they have more control.

I did try this last week, writing 5 articles and trying to ve-vitalise my Blogger site, but this resulted in very little traffic, which is one reason I abandoned writing there in the first place.

Focusing on one site and trying to get visitors/subscribers is a good solution, and this is what I think I am going to try.

The problem is…

The problem is that when people started blogging they used to have a single blog where they would write about anything and everything.  The current approach is to have multiple blogs instead, where each one has a set focus.   Since my blogs are self hosted registered domains, and they already have many articles that are on a wide variety of topics, it’s not easy to change over without starting afresh, which I am rather reluctant to do.

Why is my traffic so low?

There are multiple reasons, such as writing on topics that are already well covered, so your content gets buried.  Not using the right keywords or keyword density is another.  Lack of promotion to social media sites can make a difference, as can over promotion (spamming).  It’s also important to write regularly on a site, so that visitors/subscribers know to keep coming back to it.

I therefore made my decision to try and revitalise this site, which I originally created for Debbie and I to write on, however she lost her mojo ages ago, and now it’s just up to me to try and make a success of it.  I think a new layout, and definitely new regular fresh content ought to count for something.

So wish me luck, and if you do like what you read here, please help by sharing posts, as this will help enormously in helping me to feel good about writing once more.

My Zecharia Sitchin Lens Is On The Front Page Today

Zecharia Sitchin Author Of The Earth ChroniclesI just found out that my Squidoo lens about Zecharia Sitchin is being featured on the front page of Squidoo today.  That explains the extra traffic I guess.

If you haven’t heard of Zecharia Sitchin and you are interested in ancient mysteries, like those featured in the books by Erik Von Daniken like Chariots Of The Gods, then I am sure you will find Sitchin’s works fascinating.

Unloved Lenses Of The Week 20 Feb 2012

SquidooAs many of you know I am a lensmaster on Squidoo, which in plain English means that I am a creator and publisher of pages (lenses) on a site called Squidoo.

While some of my lenses generally perform fairly well, there are others that perform like a proverbial Lead Balloon unfortunately.

On a discussion today on Facebook I thought it might be a good idea to post a weekly article where I list one of my lowest ranking lenses, and invite other lensmasters to add one of theirs via comments.

Feel free to add a lens of your own, just one please. A short description of the lens, what it means to you, or a note about it, would be nice, and if you have time to visit any of the other lenses that are listed, that would be even better.

One of my lowest ranking lenses this week is Demi Moore Movies And Collectables which is languishing with a lensrank of 290,000. Hopefully she will be back in fashion soon.

Please don’t spam! Any more than one lens in the comment and you will be banned, and Squidoo lenses only please. Any other web sites that are added will be reported.

Another Writing Milestone Is Imminent

Just over 2 years ago on 12th January 2010 I joined the many other writers on a site called Associated Content where I hoped to find new friends and to expand my writing exposure to new eyes, as well as to boost my earnings.

Today, if all goes well, I should reach the covetted level of Clout 10, which means that I have had over 330,000 page views on 707 articles, and reached the top of the ladder.

Since joining Associated Content the site has undergone a lot of changes, being taken over by Yahoo!, and finally after a year of changes and countless problems if looks like they are heading in the right direction again.

In the last two years I have written about many topics, including my favorite Travel and Humor ones, but also Religion and Politics, which have never really interested me much in the past, but which in the last few years have prompted me to write more about them.

I hope that you have time to browse through my articles, which you can find on the now renamed Yahoo Contributor Network, and I have to commemorate reaching this goal I have created a page on Squidoo about Tony Payne On Yahoo Voices, which lists all my articles as well as giving some good writing tips and ways in which writing on Yahoo has helped me with ideas for creating lenses on Squidoo.


Published Article Summary 19th June 2011

This is a summary of my publishing activity during the last week, as well as the status of my lenses on Squidoo and my reviews on Best Reviewer.

Most of my efforts in the last few weeks working on my new site Squidblogs, as well as Redgage and Twitter, so I have published few other articles on Yahoo.

Yahoo Contributor Network

These are recent articles that I published in the last week on YCN:

You can Click Here to see all of my articles on Yahoo Contributor Network, rather than wait for the next summary posting.


These are my Top 5 ranked lenses on Squidoo:

I also recently created the following lenses on Squidoo:

Squidblogs is a new site that I have been developing, where lensmasters can write about their lenses to promote them.  With Squidoo having eliminated the Squidcast function in the past few weeks, Squidblogs ought to come more into it’s own, as the demand for places where lensmasters can promote their lenses increases.

Best Reviewer

Best-Reviewer allows you to create review lists and to get paid using Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.

These are the most recent Best Reviews that I have created:

If you yould like to create reviews of your own and earn through Google Adsense, it’s very easy, and many reviews only take 5 minutes to create. Click HERE for more information.