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Acne – Are Treatments Safe To Use?

acneThe inquest into the death of 14-year-old Shaun Jones, heard that he died 12 hours after taking a prescribed tablet for mild acne. Shaun consulted his doctor about spots on his back and shoulder and was prescribed the drug Minocin. But the pharmacy was out of stock of that drug, so in consultation with the doctor, he was given Sebomin instead. Two hours after taking the drug Shaun complained of breathing problems and was taken to hospital in Llantrisant, Wales, where he died the next day. The hearing continues.

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Frightening, isn’t it? My own son has what I would describe as acne and has had for several years. He’s a good looking lad, now at around 6ft 2in and a popular boy who has worked hard at college and his job. I’ve often commented on his condition which affects his face and asked what he’s used. I’ll get a ‘haven’t used anything, it’s all crap and doesn’t work… doesn’t bother me’ response.

And when I think about it, it doesn’t bother him, so why does it bother me? Maybe that’s what the problem is for some young people. It’s societies perception of this condition that makes it uncomfortable for a lot of young people. That’s what makes them spend so much money on over the counter products in the hope of finding a cure. It’s why doctors prescribe some quite heavy duty medications to help alleviate the symptoms.

Why? Self esteem. Self image. Everything is judged on how you look. If you have a face full of acne and your self esteem is affected by it, you’ll act with less confidence. You’ll react and be aware of people looking at your spots and either judging you for it or pitying you for it.

I’m proud of the fact that the son I’ve raised obviously has high self esteem and his acne doesn’t bother him in the slightest. It hasn’t held him back in any area of his life. Or should that be that he hasn’t allowed it to hold him back?

I hope the article above has made you stop and think about rushing off to the doctor with your teenage acne dilemma.

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