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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Good News

Debbie And Tony EngagementDebbie and I are pleased to announce that we got engaged yesterday (8th April 2009).   We have known for a long time that we wanted to get engaged, and how we felt about each other, but we just wanted to wait until the time was right before making things official.

I dropped down on one knee in the bedroom behind Debbie while she was looking in the closet, so that when she turned around and saw me it was obvious what was happening.   I asked her if she would marry me, the answer to which was a wonderfully happy “YES”.

A little known fact is that pretty much everything that has happened in our relationship happened on a Wednesday, so it only seemed right to get engaged on a Wednesday as well.   After the tears of joy and lots of hugs etc, we decided to head out to the shops to look for an engagement ring.

Debbie And Tony Engagement RingDebbie knew more or less what she was looking for, a Trilogy ring in White Gold, so once in town we looked around all the jewellery stores until we found one that we both liked.  We narrowed it down to two rings that we both liked in one of the stores, and it wasn’t hard to make a decision.  Fortunately, the ring was even the right size and fitted her finger perfectly.

To celebrate, we went out in the evening to a local Indian Restaurant that we both like, which does excellent food, and it’s only 5 minutes walk from the house.   The meal was wonderful, followed by a walk home, the stars out and an almost full moon shining down on us.

This was a very special day for us both, and we just wanted to share it with all our friends.

Tony & Debbie

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