How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

The ability to be able to schedule a post in any software package that is used for blogging comes in very handy, especially if you want to be able to write posts in advance and then to have them published at a pre-determined date and time.

Just how you schedule a post in WordPress isn’t that obvious to some people though, but this short illustrated tutorial should have you scheduling your posts easily from now on.

How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

When composing a new post, the top right side of the screen should look similar to the image above.

Click on the link that says Edit to the right of Publish Immediately, and the display will change to show the Date and Time that you want your post to be scheduled as below.

How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

All that you need to do in order to schedule your post is to change the date and/or time, click the OK button, and that’s it.  Simples…

One word of advice, if you are going to schedule posts in advance, you should always make sure that your wordpress blog has been set to the correct time zone.

You can do this on the General tab under Settings on the Dashboard.

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