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IT Product News: Vocalisation, Talk 2.0.

Software giant Microsoft announced today a new venture, code-named Vocalisation ™. Bill Gates said “we’re delighted to announce a new communications paradigm based on Talk 2.0 enabling realtime information exchange with minimal expenditure on new hardware.”

The product is set to rock the world of mobile communications and email. To utilise it, two users agree a language protocol and then exchange messages in an unstructured model that is being called a “conversation”.

“We’ve been working on this for a while” said Gates, “and we believe we’ve ironed out the early problems. We haven’t established a pricing policy yet but we’re excited about the worldwide possibilities. In the same way that two US citizens can converse in English, so two Chinese citizens can use a Cantonese protocol with no need for extra hardware or language plugin. The flexibility is astounding.”

The Twitter world gave a mixed reaction but several thousand Vocalisation-related pages have already been started on Facebook. A video of two babies Vocalising has gone viral on Youtube though industry leaders have warned that there is as yet no business application.

News just in: third generation e-Readers may be a radical departure from the current implementation. Manufacturers are examining a naturally occurring non-volatile storage medium known as “paper”. Researchers are working on combining thin layers of paper into stacks known as books.

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