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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

My New Car

Having moved back to the UK, I am ok for a while with Debbie off school for the summer, but we both realised that when she is back at work, or for me to get to work (should a job come along), I will need a car of my own.

Since I don’t have any money coming in right now, and we are on a tight budget, with Debbie not having much money spare each month, we decided on a budget for a car, expecting to end up with a small basic old car to just see us through until we do have some money.

Debbie did some searching on the internet, and miraculously found a really nice car for a low price.  It’s a Rover 45 Connoisseur , 2002, 60,000 miles, a 2litre V6 engine, and it’s been really well looked after.   Expecting to have to drive a manual (stick shift) and have no frills, I have a car like I have got used to with air conditioning, electric windows, cruise control, electric mirrors etc.  It’s also a 4-door, which is great, since Debbie’s is only a 2-door, and it’s hard to get people in and out of the back.

Surprisingly enough, over here in the UK lower end cars that are more economical to run cost more, and everywhere we looked the alternative to this nice car was an older low end one with higher mileage, which didn’t make sense to us.

The only downside is that it’s classified as an “old man’s car”, not a sporty model, but that’s perfect for us.  We both prefer a car that is comfortable, spacious and a smooth ride.

Well here it is, the new addition to our family…

IMG_4826 (Large)

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