A New Year And A New Beginning

As 2013 comes to an end and a new year is about to start, I decided to revamp our site and to make a new beginning in 2014.

This blog has been sadly neglected for the past year as I have been busy writing elsewhere, but it’s now been brought up to date, given a new theme and hopefully a new lease of life.

When I had to reload all my sites 2 years ago because our host account got hacked, we lost all our subscribers when I reloaded it, and so traffic has been relatively sluggish since, not helped by the fact that I haven’t been publishing much.

I hope to change that, and aim to change my writing focus towards Delovesto rather than the various other sites that I have been publishing on lately.

So if you see this, read a few of the other posts, and like what you see, please share and/or subscribe to us so that we can keep you updated when we publish something new.

Happy New Year for 2014.

Tony & Debbie









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