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News from a Weird World : Offbeat News 2 March 2011

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In this latest edition of News From A Weird World you can find bizarre news stories that include a Week Long Traffic Jam, No More Sex And Drugs, Sniffing Butts Can Yield Rewards, a DUI Surprise Arrest, a Boy Meets His Dead Sister In Heaven and more.


News From A Weird World  (previously known as Offbeat News) is a selection of bizarre stories, strange stories, odd stories and weird news stories from the past week, that have been cleverly extracted by scouring news sites from around the world.


The stories to be found on News From A Weird World are the kind that are just so bizarre, they make you realize that fact is often stranger than fiction, and make you wonder what on earth people were thinking to get into the news in this way.


This is a selection of weird news stories from the past week that I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please can you help spread the word by sharing the stories with your friends.






I’m Stuck In A Jam Show Me The Way To Go Home


Over 2,000 truck drivers in Indonesia have been caught up in an 11km (8 mile) traffic jam, trying to get to the ferry port at Merak in Java, so that they can cross to the port of Bakauheni in Sumatra.


It’s only an 8 mile traffic jam you might think, but the government has failed to do anything about the consistently long delays in getting to the port, and some drivers have now been queuing up for OVER A WEEK!


Of the 30 ferries that operate on this busy route, 8 are currently undergoing repairs, while at the same time there was a jump of between 10 and 17 percent in the volume of truck traffic in January, because of more construction projects in Sumatra.


Some of the drivers have been forced to sell personal items to pay for food, while others have had their wallets and other items stolen while they were sleeping.


I think I will give Indonesia a miss for now.  I can’t imagine spending half my vacation waiting for a ferry.


Read the full story HERE.




No More Sex And Drugs Parties For This Orlando Doctor


A doctor who worked at a medical practice in Orlando in Florida was leading a double life, as investigators from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) found out when they checked up on him last September.


The 55 year old doctor, who originates from Zagreb in Croatia, was found to be enticing women to nightly parties at his home, where prescription drugs and cocaine were freely availably to them in return for sexual favors.


The raid followed a tip off from a woman who said that she had developed an addiction to Oxycodone after the doctor prescribed this to her without properly explaining it’s effects.   Following her third visit to the doctor, he invited her to one of his parties.


When searching the doctor’s home, investigators found 1,475 oxycodone tablets, 290 which were suspected to be alprazolam, 10 grams of cocaine, 5 handguns, and over $37,000 in cash.


Evidence of the parties and their sexual nature were also collected, including photographs, videos and text messages.


The doctor is now under arrest on a variety of charges, and his requests to have the amount of his bail reduced have been denied.


The good news is that another evil predator is off the streets of Florida, hopefully for a long time.


Read the full story HERE.




Dogs Sniffing Butts Can Sometimes Reap Rewards


When I was living in Florida I kept hearing things about the inhabitants of St. Lucie County, and judging by the news stories that come out of there, they were right.


This incident began when a deputy saw a man riding a bicycle in the middle of the road about 5pm, causing a traffic obstruction.


When the deputy approached him, the man became very loud, and also nervous when the deputy attempted to pay him down near his waistline.


The deputy thought he could feel something in the man’s rear, and a sniffer dog was sent for.  


The dog soon caught wind (so to speak) of  a narcotic smell coming from the man’s buttocks, and the deputy removed a tube which had been inserted there, and which contained 12 rocks of crack cocaine.   They also found $145 in cash in the man’s possession.


Needless to say, the man was arrested on drugs related charges and sent to jail.


Shame they couldn’t also arrest him for being a pain in the ass!


Read the full story HERE.




Guess Who Got Arrested For Driving Under The Influence?


Despite numerous attempts by the government, police, charities and other local organizations to clamp down on drink driving, people still do it, and they still get caught and have their licenses suspended.


When the Gainesville police department in Florida pulled over a 48 year old woman on 18th February, they were shocked when they learned who she was.


The woman was in fact none other than the former president of the Gainesville chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), which is now no longer active.


She confessed to having had 4 beers and was found to be 3 times over the legal limit.


Read the full story HERE.




Boy Underwent Surgery Went To Heaven And Met His Dead Sister


Believe in what you will, this is a rather unusual story, and just adds more fuel to the belief that there is life after death, unless you are a complete skeptic.


While the Burpo family from Nebraska were on vacation in Colorado, their four year old son was taken ill, and mis-diagnosed with flu.


By the time they returned home it became apparent that he was seriously ill, and underwent emergency surgery twice for a ruptured appendix.


The miracle came when the boy recovered, and told his parents about having met his sister.  His mother had miscarried the year before the boy was born, and had never told him about his lost sibling, but the boy said that the girl looked familiar, and that she was pleased to have someone from her family “up there”.


The boy also said that his sister had given him hugs, and how he had looked down and seen his parents praying.


He also claimed to have seen his grandfather, who had passed away more than 30 years earlier, but on being shown a photo of him that was taken shortly before his death, he didn’t recognize him.  He did recognize him however from a photo that was taken when he was a young man.


The boy saw more things and even sat on Jesus’s lap, should you care to read the full story.


So what do you believe?  Is everything as the boy said, or was it just a strange dream?


I’m not sure how I perceive Heaven to be, or whether there is such a place, but I do believe that part of us does live on after death.  Exactly how and where though, I have no idea.


Read the full story HERE.







I hope you enjoyed this edition of News From A Weird World as much as I enjoyed compiling all the stories.


You can now also find links to all of the News From A Weird World and Offbeat News editions at Squidoo, and if you do enjoy these weekly Offbeat News articles, please could you help share them with your friends etc. I am sure they could use a good laugh too.



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