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Shaving Gel Or Shaving Foam

Shaving Gel or Shaving FoamShaving Gel or Shaving Foam, which do you prefer?

When shaving foam came out many many moons ago, I found it a vast improvement over trying to lather up soap to put on my face. I was only in my late teens at the time and I don’t really remember much about what I used before.

However, in more recent years (probably the last 15 for me) I have switched over to using shaving gel, which I find vastly superior.

So imagine my frustration a couple of weeks ago when my shaving gel ran out and I went to use my new one, only to find that I hadn’t read the label correctly and had bought shaving foam instead.

Now I assume that most people reading this, whether male or female (since most to my knowledge shave parts of their body as well) are familiar with at least one of these, but if you aren’t, these are my experiences.

Having wet my face, I only need to put a small amount of shaving gel in my hand, and when I run my hands together this expands into a thick creamy mass that I can spread onto the parts of my face that need shaving. The nice thing is that shaving gel sticks to your face and stays put where you spread it.

Now shaving foam in contrast comes out of the container as a huge mass of foam. By the time you rub your hands together and try to put it onto your face, it’s already disintegrating, and when it touches your face you can practically hear it shout “no way, i’m not sticking to that!”, and it’s a really tough thing to try to get enough of the foam onto the parts of your face that need shaving.

Then of course the better it sticks to your face, the smoother the shave, but with the foam I find it just keeps thinning out and vanishing as the alcohol evaporates, so by the time that I finish shaving it’s just hot water that is lubricating my face.

Fortunately the can of shaving foam is almost at an end, and I can’t wait to get back to my shaving gel, which should be sometime next week.

Well that is my experience with using shaving gel and shaving foam. I assume that there are some people out there who must prefer shaving foam, otherwise they wouldn’t produce it any more.

I would love to hear your experiences with shaving, and which of these two products you prefer. maybe you have some funny shaving stories to tell as well.

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