100 Years Ago

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100 Years Ago100 years ago the world was a vastly different place to what it is today.

Life over the last two thousand years has progressed gradually, with huge leaps at times like the Industrial Revolution. But nothing can compare to the technological changes that the world has seen in the last one hundred years.

At the beginning of the 20th century we didn’t have Motor Cars or Aeroplanes. Space Travel was a mere fantasy, but now man has set foot on the Moon, has had manned stations in space, and is planning colonies on the Moon as well as Mars.

Since the turn of the last century we have also had two World Wars, seen the development of mechanised warfare as well as Nuclear Weapons. We also now have computers, robots that can think for themselves, and mass production of products on a large scale.

Delve back in time with these events from the past and experience life as it was just a century ago.

H Is For History

Even now I remember what interested me in history, in particular Ancient History, and it was going with my parents to see an Italian made Epic called The Wooden Horse Of Troy, which I found out was released in 1961. The story fascinated me, and I also had a Readers Digest book for children which had an article on Heinrich Schliemann who spent years searching for the location of Troy, before finally discovering the site in 1868.

One Hundred Years Ago Today – 11 February 1911 – Britain and Germany

In February 1911 few people could have foreseen the events that lay just three short years away, and much of the political focus of the time was on the rights of women and the impact of the automobile on society. The Sydney Morning Herald from Australia on the 11th February 1911 included an article covering discussions in the House Of Commons the previous day, relating to interchanges between Britain and Germany, and political attempts to improve friendly relations between the two nations.

One Hundred Years Ago

One Hundred Years Ago was inspired by a series of articles that I am writing on Associated Content thaqt analyzes articles from the newspapers of 100 years ago. Back then, which isn’t really that long ago for many of us, life was very different.

One Hundred Years Ago Today – 21 January 1911 – Journey on a Branch Line

Travelling by train today you visualise high speed locomotives rattling along at over 100 miles per hour, with few stops and your destination being just hours away. One hundred years ago, in the age of steam trains, travel by train was a far more interesting journey.

The Sydney Morning Herald from Australia on the 21st January 1911 included a great article on what it was like to take a journey on a steam train along a branch line 100 years ago.

Back in 1911 railways were still in their prime, and the main method of transporting freight and passengers overland, with the motor car being still in it’s infancy, and neither roads or refuelling stations set up to allow driving between anywhere but the larger cities.