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Fancy An A To Z Blogging Challenge In April?

Many of us writers need a kick up the rear in order to find a reason to publish articles on our blogs more frequently, and this week I signed up for The Blogging From A To Z April Challenge, which if I complete the task should result in 26 new articles being published throughout the month of April, one for each letter of the alphabet.

My Ten Worst Performing Articles of the Month

As a writer, I hope that each article that I publish will not only be well accepted by fans of my work, but also head off into the ether and get recognition in the wider world. As we all know, however, that doesn’t always happen. January 2011 has been one of those months where I have tried to write what I feel are interesting articles, and they were ones that I enjoyed writing as well.

Come Join Karen’s Writing Challenge

A good friend of mine and fellow writer Karen Sanders has issued a Writing Challenge, where every week she will give out a list of 10 words, and you have to write a short story that includes all of those words, in their exact form. This is not only great fun, it also helps to overcome writers block, and you never know what stories the submitters are going to come up with.

So Close To 100,000 Page Views – Can You Help Me To Reach My Target Today?

Please can you help me to reach my target of 100,000 page views on Associated Content. As of today I am only 776 page views away from reaching my target, but if you can help me by reading any of my articles today, that would be a huge help. Thanks in advance.

Fortitude Revises Compensation Plan And Looks To Boost Membership

The site for authors, Fortitude has changed it’s payment plan in an effort to boost it’s membership by offering better chances of being paid for writing articles. Among the changes, 50% of the articles that are published will now be printed on the Front Page, which will earn the publisher a flat rate of $10. For the next 72 hours, members will also be paid $18 for all new referrals instead of the regular $9.

A New Site For Writers To Earn Money

This is a new site that is looking for writers to join and will pay them $10 – $100 for all articles that make the front page. This is a great opportunity for writers with and without experience, and with many international authors (non American) having just left Associated Content, the timing is prudent.