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How to Confuse an American Visiting the UK

Many Americans who arrive in the UK for the first time can find things very confusing, not the least of which is the language difference.

While Americans speak English (after a fashion), it’s not only the spelling of many words that is different between American English and British English, it’s the use of words and phrases that will very often completely confuse the visitor.

This is the tale that recounts some of the problems that a naïve American visitor to the UK might experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Winter Hits The UK Hard

Debbie and I returned home at the weekend from our Christmas trip to Florida to see my daughters, and I consider us to be very lucky, since the northern part of the UK  had already been hit by sub-zero temperatures and record amounts of snow. It didn’t take long however […]

Big Brother Eviction

Last night Debbie and I went up to Elstree Studios north of London to see the Big Brother eviction. I’m not such a big fan, but Debbie loves the show, and it turned out to be quite an interesting night.   But where to begin… I guess the story begins 2 […]

UK USA Flags

The UK Versus USA Culture Shock

The cultural differences between the UK and the USA go far beyond driving on different sides of the road and using different voltages. It’s almost as if someone in the USA said “we have to be different to the rest of the world”. Read on and discover some of these differences for yourself.