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The World Is Running Out Of Money – But Who Do We Owe It To?

The world is running out of money! All you hear about in the news these days is how much the major countries of the world are in debt. The USA is in deep debt.  The UK just went £1 Trillion into debt.  Most of Europe is in deep debt, Italy […]

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The UK Versus USA Culture Shock

The cultural differences between the UK and the USA go far beyond driving on different sides of the road and using different voltages. It’s almost as if someone in the USA said “we have to be different to the rest of the world”. Read on and discover some of these differences for yourself.

Another Batch Of Fresh Lenses

Both Debbie and I have been busy this last couple of weeks creating new lenses on Squidoo. While Debhie has been working on her collection of lenses about Hampshire, I have been working on my USA States lenses, and also a local one about my daily walks. Firstly, Debbie created […]