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Both of us are reasonable interested in technology, me (Tony) especially since I work in Information Technology and love to try and keep up to date with what is happening in the world.

Of course for financial and often other reasons we can’t keep as up to date as we would like, but that’s no excuse for not being aware of what’s out there.

I am also the (often bungling) wizard behind our website design, so a lot of time gets spent on how to improve the way they work and perform, without having to spend additional money on better hosting etc.

Hoping you enjoy our posts on technology and the like.

Reducing Online Fraud And Email Scams

It is so easy to fall for email scams these days, especially those that are more sophisticated, and it’s also easy for online fraud to take place if you use a single email address for everything that you do. These guides provide innovative solutions for improving your email safety.