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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

The Lost Posts

lost postsNo I haven’t physically lost anything, but this is about all the posts that I have wanted to write this month, but just haven’t had the time or energy to get around to.

I am frustrated that my last post was about taking my girls to the park on the 3rd July, which is now almost 3 weeks ago, and so much has happened in my life since then!  

I really did want to write about my first 4th July as an American Citizen, which involved taking the girls to the water park,  and other than that pretty much spending the rest of the day on my own, but sometimes a break is a good thing.

Driving into work I wanted to write about the different country songs that I was listening to (the other morning shows here in South Florida suck) and my feelings about them and what has been discussed on the radio.   Tuesday morning the odometer on my car clocked past the 145,000 mile mark, and thankfully it’s still running.  I had feared that either the tires or the suspension or something else unexpected was going to happen before I leave for England next week.

I wanted to write about Debbie becoming a Grandma, which happened on Monday.   Her daughter and husband have been trying for so long to have a baby, and now finally their dream has come true.

 I wanted to write about my struggles to pack my personal effects up ready to head back to the UK, my battle against my habit of procrastinating, causing me to have to be up packing until after midnight for so many nights.   My trying to organize my personal effects in a storage unit when it’s 90+ degrees and incredibly humid, my fears that I would run out of time to have everything ready to ship.

There are so many things I would have loved to blog about in detail, but the exhaustion and number of things I had to take care of just left me brain dead day after day, week after week, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Today I felt that I had to post, even if it’s just about the LOST POSTS…

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