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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Thirteen Days And Counting

It’s now thirteen days since I lost my job and I have been incredibly busy ever since, trying to organise my life and to promote my work more online.

Since my health insurance runs out in less than a week I have been trying to get the essentials sorted out while I can, since I can’t afford insurance without having a full time job.

Last week I went to the Dentist and Doctor, entered the time for today’s Dental appointment into my Google Calendar for 9:30am.  Went there, signed in, sat for 5 minutes reading a magazine, and they called me up to the counter.  “Anthony, your appointment isn’t until 1pm”.   Boy did I feel stupid, but I have so many different threads running through my head all the time, it’s hard to get it all right.

So having mis-timed that, I went to the hardware store to get a couple of things, then to the Farmers Market to do some shopping, as the fruit and vegetables there are usually better and cheaper than going to the grocery store.    While I was there Debbie called, and FINALLY she had got her visa approved for travel to the USA.  So now after 4 months of waiting she will be able ot travel here again.  Of course now I might not have the money for flights… Life just keeps throwing us those curveballs…  I won’t say any more, because I know Debbie will want to add things in her own words tomorrow.

Went back to the dentist at 1pm, had a tooth drilled down and impressions fitted for a crown.  I think he spent a good hour drilling and filing.  My jaw was starting to ache, and as always when I go to the dentist, I drool!  No idea why, but my mouth just fills with saliva when I have dental work done, and if they don’t watch out it just runs everywhere.   Well finally they got my impression for the final crown done, and also a temporary one made and fitted.  I can still taste it though, usually takes days for the taste to go away.

The afternoon was pretty much shot by the time I got home, so I chatted with Debbie on the webcam for a while, then after she went to bed I made a good stir fry with some green onions, boc choy, spices, ginger soy sauce, and egg fried brown rice.  Not my best effort, but pretty healthy at least.  I love to cook and have rarely had the chance in the past, but now with the weather being a bit cooler I am enjoying cooking lots of veggies.  I can’t justify the cost of meat, so that is a real treat for me, but I was always brought up to eat plenty of vegetables and these days I can easily make a meal of them, cooking them in plenty of different combinations and ways, often pretty spicy.

This evening I have been working solidly on blogs, updating my links on Stumbleupon, adding a new page for Tiger Direct Special Offers to my Poddys web site and adding it to the Sidebar here as well.  Tiger Direct have always had good prices in my opinion, and I have shopped there a lot in the past.

Initially I thought that there was nothing on television tonight, and after half heartedly watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 and then a Star Trek Next Generation episode, I looked at the guide and saw that on the Palladia channel (part of MTV) there was a 2007 concert with Heart performing Dreamboat Annie and more.  This was good, I saw them in 2007 on the tour, and they closed with Love Reign Over Me from The Who‘s album Quadrophenia, one of my all time favourites.   That was followed by Genesis in Rome from their 2008 tour which was an amazing concert.   I only saw them once, and they were my favourite band from the time I first heard Foxtrot back in 1972.  I saw them at Wembley Stadium in 1987 and they were incredible.  Even now it’s the best concert I have been to.

So I am caught up on Stumbleupon, most of my email, added all my lenses to a new directory today, but still have so much to do.

Oh yes, before I forget, I updated several of my lenses as well…

I added a new video to my Religious Jokes lens.  This is a stand up routine by Rowan Atkinson (Blackadder, Mr, Bean) welcoming new arrivals to Hell.  It’s very funny especially if you like Rowan Atkinson, don’t miss it.

I then added two new videos to my Zecharia Sitchin lens about the Annunaki.  If you haven’t heard of him or the Annunaki I think you might find his theories quite amazing.  They involve the deepest history, going back beyond the great flood and to the creation of mankind.  It’s quite an eye opener if you haven’t explored this topic before.  I added a video clip below to give a brief introduction to what his books are about, and he has written a number of excellent works on this subject.   Thought to be a crackpot thirty years ago, more and more is coming to light about our most ancient past, and pieces are gradually falling into place.

Well time for me to head to bed, as a Tom Petty concert takes place on television now.  Yes I like him, but I am tired and I have seen it before.

Hopefully in the morning I will have some good news about work or something  else.  You never know, we had good news today with Debbie’s visa being approved.  Now we just need to get me a windfall and/or a job or a chance to earn some good money.

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