Typos Typos Everywhere

When I published my poem Typos Typos Everywhere, which is about typos, I little thought that I would get a lot of traffic from it.

My traffic hopes for Friday were therefore based on a news article about passengers stranded on a plane in Scotland, but when I just looked, this had only 51 page veiws! Drat!

However, I did get almost 900 page views for my poem on Friday, but I haven’t got a clue where from.

It wasn’t Stumbleupon, could be via RSS Feeds though, or just because people are searching for the title, which I decided upon because I thought it was a catchy title.

It seems “Typos Typos Everywhere” is some sort of Sci-Fi short movie. Go figure…

So with my article being number one on Yahoo (thanks Yahoo) and on the 1st page on Google and Bing, I assume it’s searches that are getting the traffic for me.

Sometimes, those page views come in for the most unlikely reasons.

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