Debbie And Tony's Photographs And Memories The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England
The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Where You Can Find My Articles

If you enjoy reading things that I have written, whether it’s my lenses on Squidoo, my regular articles on Yahoo Contributor Network, or my jokes and humor on The Laughline, it’s likely that you might not have come across all of these main places where you can find my content.

I thought therefore, that it was time to list the main places where you can find my work, should you have the time and the desire to read more.

Squidoo is where you will find over 100 pages on topics that I find of interest, from Humor to Travel, Celebrities and Entertainment, History, Poetry and a few other things in between.  Squidoo lenses are colorful and have a lot of different sections, including pictures, videos, and lists of related items, so they are often a lot more interesting to read than articles which are pure text.

Yahoo Contributor Network (formerly Associated Content) is where you will find most of my published articles, well over 600 of them in fact.  YCN articles are pure text, but here you can find some of my more interesting written works, as well as some slideshows that feature many photographs from my travels.

Many of the photographs in my slideshows are of the historic city of Southampton, which is where we now live, and I also have a prize winning lens on Squidoo about Bournemouth which is the seaside town where I grew up.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and that you also have time to explore other works of mine that you have not come across before.

Finally, if you enjoy a good laugh, my other site The Laughline has thousands of Jokes, Funny Pictures and Videos that are guaranteed to make you smile.  Never forget that smiling helps keep the wrinkles at bay, so for the sake of your health if nothing else, you ought to drop in and read a few good jokes!

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