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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Persona Paper

persona-paper-avatarPersona Paper is a relatively new place to write, and it’s got a great community spirit and a good team behind it.

There are no editors waiting to eagerly reject your articles for trivial reasons, and the minimum article length is only 500 characters, which is just a few paragraphs. By the time I have finished the start of even a short article I find that I have already typed over 1,000 characters, so if you are worried about reaching 500, you might want to look at Twitter!

If you are looking to earn money from writing, Persona Paper is a good place to start. I will admit that the earnings right now are not the greatest, however the future is looking bright here, and if you are careful to think about carefully wording your subject and content, your articles should continue to earn money for you for months and years to come.

You need to earn just $5 before you can claim a payment (which is via Paypal), and it’s really not hard to reach that goal.

These are the latest articles that I have published on Persona Paper: