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Join with poddys as your referrer!

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Hostgator Amazing Black Friday Deals

Hostgator, one of the best rated web hosting companies, have announced an amazing Black Friday 2010 Promotion, that they say is their best deal in 8+ years of hosting!

Hostgator Black Friday Discounts – One Day Only

CHECK  THIS – Hostgator are offering 80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM to 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first served; so definitely don’t miss out!)

From 9AM to 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, they will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING

This applies to ALL Accounts and ALL Term Lengths.  So if you are looking to change hosting companies, or to host your own domain for the first time, this is the perfect time, as you will have the opportunity to receive up to 80% off of up to 3 years worth of Hosting!  That could work out at only $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS of web hosting!

The Black Friday offer includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting AND even Dedicated Servers!

This promotion means that you can get hosting with Hostgator for as little as:

  • Shared Hosting: $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.99/month
  • Reseller Hosting: $24.95/month AS LOW AS $4.99/month
  • VPS Hosting: $19.95/month AS LOW AS $3.99 First Month
  • Dedicated Servers: $174/month AS LOW AS $34.80 First Month

Remember this offer is only running for 1 DAY on Black Friday.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to host or change hosts.

Please be advised that this Black Friday promotion starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 26th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) 11/26/2010.

 So if you live in the UK or Europe – the sale begins THIS EVENING

Hostgator Black Friday Discounts – One Day Only

Keeping In Touch Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

With Christmas fast approaching, and if you live in the USA, Thanksgiving even closer at hand, don’t forget to call those members of your family, or good friends who live abroad over the holiday season.

A card only says so much, but a phone call says a whole lot more, and you can make somebody’s day just by giving them a call.

Almost Free Phone Calls has a wide range of long distance and international phone cards, and not only are they cheaper than the competition, there are no hidden charges either.

Any time you need to make an international call:

  • DON’T buy a card from a store
  • DON’T wait until you are overseas before buying a card
  • DO check Almost Free Phone Call prices

If you need to call overseas, or if you are going overseas and need to call home – just remember

Best Reviewer – A New Adsense Sharing Site

Best Reviewer is a new site that allows members to earn income through Adsense Revenue Sharing.

Brought to you by the same people that brought you She Told MeBest Reviewer  allows you to very easily create review articles of the kind “Top 5”,  “Top 10” etc, all prompted with easy to follow instructions.

The site has been well optimised for the Search Engines, and like She Told Me I expect to see traffic and earnings take off quickly.

Not only do members earn from Google Adsense ads that appear on their own articles, they also have some ads displayed on articles published by people that they have referred, so my recommendation is to GET IN QUICK and refer others that you know if you are interested in making the most of this new site.

With Halloween fast approaching, there is plenty of scope to create Top 5 articles on Movies, Costumes etc, and don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner as well.

This is a nice simple concept, but very powerful and I believe it has a lot of potential for attracting a lot of traffic.

Do you want to make the most of this new opportunity?  And YES it’s free to join!

I Am Looking For People To Help Me Promote Calling Cards

How would you like to join my team, promoting Pre-Paid International Calling Cards?

This is a very lucrative market, and with the price of International Phone Calls made through people’s long distance phone company, or through cell phone companies, from hotel rooms or pay phones being outrageous, the market for a cheaper alternative is enormous.

The company that I work with has some of the lowest prices for International Calling Cards to be found anywhere, and what is best is that there are no hidden charges – the price you see is all that you pay.

Please read on for more information about calling cards, but if you are ready to take a further look, CLICK HERE for more information now.

Some calling card companies only work if you call from a few countries, but this company operates in many countries around the world, so you can use your card to call for example from the USA to the UK, from the UK back to the USA,  from the USA to India and from India back to the USA.

Anything is possible, and like any affiliate program,  it won’t cost you a penny to join.

What I want to know though is:

  • Do you make international calls yourself?
  • Do you know anyone who makes international calls?
  • Do you live in a community that has ethnic minorities with family overseas?
  • Do you go to a gym or any other place where there is a multi-national membership?
  • Do you use local businesses – like a Hairdresser or Barber?

There are so many ways that you can promote this business online, and even more by having local companies display your business cards.

Just get business cards printed with your affiliate link (or your own domain if you prefer), and you have an amazing potential for very little work.

Take it one stage further – get the business owner to see the potential and sign up and then they will promote the business to their customers.

The great thing is that every card you sell will be saving people money.

You don’t have to just sell to individuals either.  There are many companies that buy and sell overseas, and who can also save on cost by using your calling cards.

Well there is my sales pitch, and I promote these cards because I use them myself and have been for three years.  I researched the calling card business to save myself money, and found them to be the best value and most flexible for my needs.

CLICK HERE for more information if you are interested, and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

I hope you will join me in this great business, and if you do, I wish you the best of success.