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Hot CHocolate

Chicken And Chocolate – Not Always The Best Combination

I have eaten Mole Poblano before a few times and really enjoyed it.  Pronounced “Moe-lay” not “Mole” like the animal, this is a Mexican dish with slices of meat covered with a thick dark sauce that is made of bitter chocolate and chili.  If you weren’t told that there was […]

F Is For Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips is known throughout the world as the Great British Takeaway, and nothing quite compares with a really good portion of Cod And Chips, wrapped in paper, and eaten while sitting on a bench overlooking the seaside, or a quaint Cornish Harbour

The Price of Cream Cheese

Everyone loves Bagels, especially here in the USA where the Bagel originated, but every time I go into a Bagel store and order one, I wonder how on earth they manage to justify charging an arm and a leg for a smear of cream cheese. Let’s just look at two […]