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D Is For Dine With Me

Today is the 4th day of the  The A to Z Blogging Challenge,  which requires you to publish an article for every day in April except for the 4 Sundays, with each article being related to the appropriate letter of the alphabet.

With it being the fourth article in this series of 26, today’s letter is D, and seeing as how I am feeling a little peckish, I thought you might like to come Dine With Me.

I love food, and it doesn’t matter whether I am eating in or eating out, I love them both.

With money being fairly tight these days, the same as with many of us, eating out is becoming more and more a luxury that we are able to afford maybe once a month, if that.

Debbie and I do enjoy fine dining once in a while, but both of us were brought up on good old style English Cooking, and that is what we still love to eat, although we do cook a lot of other things as well.

Breakfast is one meal that I really do enjoy, although most of the time I keep it pretty simple.  I love once in a while to go to a good buffet restaurant like Golden Corral where I can enjoy anything and everything that I feel like eating, although it’s not a good idea to do this too often of course.

A while back I created a lens on Squidoo entitled What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Food and this has a lot of different types of breakfast foods listed.

Having lived in the USA for 15 years, I wanted to write something about how different eating out is in the USA as compared to the UK, with food being often a lot cheaper in the USA as well as there being a lot more choice of places to eat.

I published several articles about buffet restaurants, The Buffet Restaurant In The USA and The Buffet Restaurant In The UK, as well as Sweet Tomatoes A Healthy Buffet Restaurant Alternative.

Although I do love buffets, I love healthy food as well, and Sweet Tomatoes is one of the places that Debbie and I love to go to when we are in Florida.  Their Soup and Salad Bar and other fresh items are to die for.  Well, if you enjoy soup and salad that is.

Buffet Restaurants are also great places to go if you have small children or babies, which led to my publishing articles on Buffet Restaurants Perfect For Couples With Babies and Buffet Restaurants Ideal For Toddlers And Older Children.

But getting back to reality, and the lack of money, and once a week we usually end up eating what has become a staple English meal over the years, Baked Beans On Toast.   Baked Beans have a completely different use in the UK to in the USA, and here you can serve them on toast for any meal of the day, making a quick and also cheap meal.

Cheese On Toast is also one of my favorites, and again in England we eat this for any meal, quite often with Baked Beans smothered over it.  I tell you, this can’t be beat, and it kept me going through my university days.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my taste in food, and also had a chance to visit some of my food related articles.  I would love to hear any comments that you have on both my taste in food as well as your favorite kinds of food.

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