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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

T Is For Today

T is a letter of the alphabet that pretty much anyone ought to be able to find something to write about.   After all, there are plenty of words that begin with the letter T, like Today and Tomorrow for example. 

It’s not like the letters Q or Z which give you only limited opportunities to write about something that is different to the other thousands of people who are trying to come up with a post that is about a specific letter of the alphabet.

T however does present it’s own problems, in that there is so much choice for topic.  But I still don’t want to write about the same thing as a lot of other people, and Today I want to be different, so Tenaciously (is that the right word?) I am going to see where This leads me…

I was going to write about the Titanic, since it sailed from Southampton where we live, and on the 16th April, which was the 99th anniversary of the sinking, we went on an organized walk in the Old Cemetery in Southamtpon which is where some of the survivors were buried (after they died of course) and where there are memorials to those who perished as well as people who aided the families that were left without a breadwinner.

But since I want to create a lens on Squidoo about this and to use some of the photographs that I took, I thought to write about something else instead.

I then thought about Tubular Bells, the unique concept album from the early 1970’s that brought the name Mike Oldfield to everyone’s attention, and that helped to make Richard Branson’s Virgin Records a mega success.

But I thought that this might require a little research, and might be better left for an interesting article for another day.

Try as I might Though, it has been hard to find a Topic for Today.  

Since it’s getting late and This post is already getting quite long, I might leave it at That and see what I can write about Tomorrow.

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