I Got The Job!

I had two job interviews earlier this week, and I knew that it was down to just me and another person at the second interview.

Well, having waited all yesterday for official notification, I had a call this morning to let me know that I did get the job.   I am over the moon, since jobs for people with my skills and experience are so scarce these days, especially in the UK.

The money will not be as good as I have been earning in the USA, but aside from salaries in the UK being a bit lower in general than the USA, we are in a recession, and I also have some new skills to learn in this job.   I am pleased to finally have a chance to learn some more up to date computing skills, and this also gives me the incentive to really prove myself, and if I can do that well, then the long term benefits will follow.

At this point in my life (I will turn 55 this weekend), I am not looking for a quick way to earn a bit more and to move on, I am looking for a job that I enjoy, working with a good group of people, and where I can hopefully stay until I am ready to retire.  So really, if I do my bit, with luck this will see me through.

Debbie and I are off to Warwickshire (in the heart of England) this weekend.  My cousin’s daughter is getting married, so a chance to celebrate, for Debbie to meet more of my family, and for us to have a couple of nights away in a 17th century Bed & Breakfast place.    Photos and more stories to follow…

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