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How To Get What You Want In Your Life by Oscar Del Ben

Do you believe you can get anything you want in your life?

Do you believe that our mind can produce astonishing results if we really want to?

It may surprise you to know that the answer to these questions is YES!

We, as human beings, have the extraordinary ability to achieve phenomenal results in life if we really want to, and we see examples of this everyday.

Let me tell you a story…

There was a guy who grew up in a foreign county where he didn’t speak English.

He left school at age 16 to go to work to put some money aside.

After two years, he took the money he saved and went to America searching for opportunities.

He didn’t know a single word of English, but he was determined to learn it and he did.

He went from work to work while learning how to live in America and he met a lot of people.

He finally found an opportunity one day and he was able to start a small business with the limited knowledge he had.   Eventually the business went well and he sold it.   Now he is a happy guy enjoying life and living his life at the best every single day.

What was the secret of this success?

Experts say that when people are totally committed to something, they’ll almost certainly find a way to have it.   That was the secret of that guy and it is the secret of other millions of people in America.

So how do you actually get what you want in your life?

The first step is always to clarify what your goal is.

Do you want more money?


Do you want it to go on vacation with your partner, or to buy a new car?

Make a plan to get what you really want and do something every day to realize that goal.

Don’t be afraid of asking too much if you are really committed to it.

On the other side, don’t ask too many things when you can realistically accomplish only a few of them.

This is a powerful technique to achieve what you want in your life and many successful people are using it every day.   It doesn’t matter if what you want is double your income, visit a foreign country or have a new car.   Everything is possible if you can focus your energies on it and you do something every day to have it.

Oscar Del Ben is a professional writer, entrepreneur and programmer. He writes about personal development at

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