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I Got The Job!

I had two job interviews earlier this week, and I knew that it was down to just me and another person at the second interview. Well, having waited all yesterday for official notification, I had a call this morning to let me know that I did get the job.   I […]

The Job Situation Is Looking Up

I had a call on Friday afternoon from a recruiter who has been looking after me really well since before I moved from Florida, and he managed to get me an interview for Monday morning with a large local company that is still family owned, and has been in the […]

I Got A Job Today

After three months of being unemployed, I finally secured a job today. I had a phone interview, then found out at the end of the day that the client wants me to start on Tuesday. My funds had really begun to run low, but fortunately this should work out in […]

Six Weeks And Counting

So far I have been out of work for six weeks as of yesterday, and although I am trying to settle down into a routine, trying to generate work and income online, and trying to spend my time fruitfully, I find myself being incredibly busy yet have trouble achieving much […]