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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

E Is For Evony

Evony at first glance seems to be just another real time multi-player game, where players form alliances and compete to see who can build the best and strongest empires in an online world.

With Evony, players have to create and upgrade Farms, Lumber Mills, Mines etc, in order to acquire resources to build their cities.   Within each city there are a variety of buildings, each of which serves a purpose, and these need to be built and upgraded also.

The city needs defenses, which are comprised of walls and fortifications, as well as armies, which also serve in an offensive role.

Evony is great fun to play, however with each level of upgrade, things take longer to complete, and because the game operates in real time, in other words it does not end when you go to sleep, go to work/school, a serious player can spend their time working to gain enough resources for their next upgrade, as well as building armies for attack and defense.

It’s the fact that the game never stops which makes it so addictive, especially as it can take several weeks at least to fully build a new city, all of which could be torn down and conquered by an enemy while you sleep.

Having spent many hours building an empire, most people are reluctant to just see this destroyed overnight, and therefore are likely to spend more time on the computer, less time sleeping, and when they do sleep they are likely to be dreaming that they are playing Evony.

This game has taken over people’s lives, lost them their jobs, and also caused relationships to break up, the addiction is that serious.

Both Debbie and I were playing seriously for over six months, but fortunately I was able to call it quits in December 2009, albeit at a point where I was in the Top 100 in a world of thousands of people.  Debbie quit a few months later, fortunately, but the game was really beginning to take over our lives by then.

I did write an article about the Dangers Of Evony Addiction, which I hope you find interesting.  If you do know of anyone who is addicted, you could do worse than send it to them.

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