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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

F Is For Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips is known throughout the world as the Great British Takeaway, and nothing quite compares with a really good portion ofย Cod And Chips, wrapped in paper, and eaten while sitting on a bench overlooking the seaside, or a quaint Cornish Harbour, as we did when we were in Cornwall on honeymoon last year (see slideshow).

Years ago of course, but not so these days, Fish And Chips did use to be wrapped in newspaper, but now while a “good” chippie will still wrap your meal in a more hygenic paper wrapper, others use polystyrene (styrofoam) trays, or even cardboard ones.

A lot of other things have changed since the 1970’s, with the advent in the UK of Chinese and Indian takeaways, as well as the numerous Greek Doner Kebab (Gyro) restaurants that have proliferated throughout the country as well.

Add to this the enormous number of American style Fast Food establishments, such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut, and good old British Fish And Chips has a lot of competition.

Thankfully however, this great British dish is still highly popular, and it is still possible to find good Fish And Chip shops that sell this in the traditional style.

Debbie’s grandparents used to own a Fish And Chip shop, and so when she was growing up she spent a lot of time there.ย  Debbie created a lens about Fish And Chips on Squidoo that tells of her experiences, as well as providing a lot of history and background on our national dish.

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