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News From A Weird World : Offbeat News 9 March 2011

This article was previously published on the Yahoo Contributor Network.

 In this edition of News From A Weird World, a woman slaps child on a school bus, another mother fights her kids over a perm, a man tapes a boy to chair in school, 10 year old girl is made designated driver, goats disrupt Nigerian elections, happier news from New Zealand and more.

 News From A Weird World (previously known as Offbeat News) is a selection of bizarre stories, strange stories, odd stories and weird news stories from the past week, that have been cleverly extracted by scouring news sites from around the world.

 The stories to be found on News From A Weird World are the kind that are just so bizarre, they make you realize that fact is often stranger than fiction, and make you wonder what on earth people were thinking to get into the news in this way.

 This is a selection of weird news stories from the past week that I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please can you help spread the word by sharing the stories with your friends.


 Woman Boards School Bus And Slaps Child

 If you read News From A Weird World regularly, you will know that I pick on people from Florida occasionally.  Ok, so I pick on them rather a lot, and this week with time short and knowing that the Florida news is a good source of stories, we are going to start off in Pompano Beach in Southeast Florida.

 Before anyone protests too much, I used to live in South Florida, and yes for 2 months in Pompano Beach myself, but I never got arrested or made the news once.

 This woman did, however, after a surveillance camera on a school bus showed her boarding the bus on 23rd February, and giving a 7 year old boy a good slap.   The woman claimed that the boy had hit her 6 year old daughter (watch the video HERE).

The video shows the woman boarding the bus, despite the driver’s attempts to stop her, then going up to the boy, and then forcibly giving him a good back-hander, telling him “don’t you put your hands on my child”.

 The woman then looks up at the camera and says “I don’t give a ****”.

 The woman, aged 27, is now in custody, and at the time of the offense was on probation for driving with a suspended license.

It seems that no matter what attempts are made to make travel on school buses safer, someone always finds a way to worry anxious parents.

 Read the full story HERE.


 Mom Fights With Kids Over A Perm

 You may have heard me mention St. Lucie County in Florida before, because it has a reputation for being the center of a lot of strange news stories.

 This one from Fort Pierce in the very same county is no exception.

 A mother was discussing with her teenage daughter as to whether she should get a perm or not.   This turned from a discussion into a heated argument, and ended up with the mother chasing the girl and her older sister with a kitchen knife in her hand.

 The younger daughter, aged 17, was arguing with her mother over whether she should have a perm or not, according to the older sister, aged 23.

 The mother wanted her daughter to have a perm, but the girl didn’t want one.  When both daughters tried to leave the house, the mother grabbed a knife and chased them as they ran out of the house and towards the older sister’s car.

 The mother then picked up a block of concrete, and threw it at the car, breaking the windshield.

She was placed under arrest and is on charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

 Read the full story HERE.


 Group Leader Tapes Boy To Chair And Turns Him Upside Down

 I tell you, who would want to be a kid growing up in these parts of Florida!

 Let’s move just south from St. Lucie County to Titusville on the Space Coast, which also has it’s share of odd stories.

 This one concerns a 21 year old man who was working as a group leader in an after school program.

 Having got fed up with a boy who was causing trouble in his group, he is claimed to have taped him to a chair, then turned him upside down, as a means of trying to make him stop disrupting the group.

 The man is also accused of putting the boy into a trash can, pushing him in so firmly that he was unable to get out.

 Mind you, I bet a good many teachers have wished that they could get away with something like this when they have had really unruly children in their class.

 Read the full story HERE.


 When Is It Not Right To Be Appointed The Designated Driver?

 Well the red light just lit up in St. Lucie County yet again, so back we go a few miles further north of Titusville to Port St. Lucie, where a woman has been charged with child abuse and allowing an unauthorized minor to drive.

 It seems that the, aged 10, was being given driving lessons when she crashed into 3 vehicles and a house.

Police found a 39 year old man in the front passenger seat, whose hand was covered in blood, and who claimed to have had 2 beers.

 The girl’s mother, aged 33, was in the back seat of the car, also drunk, and in possession of marijuana, and also in the car was the girl’s 8 year old brother.

 The woman is going to jail for 18 months, and the man was sentenced to 13 months in prison followed by 11 months on probation.  He was previously charged with child abuse in January.

 To me the most frustrating thing about all these news stories is that these people are allowed to breed.  What do you think?

 Read the full story HERE.


 How Do You Sabotage An Election In Nigeria?

 An opposition party in Nigeria is accusing their rivals of sabotaging their campaigning, by blocking the runway where their candidate was due to land to attend a local election meeting.

 The runway was blocked by a herd of rams and goats, which caused the plane carrying the presidential candidate to make an emergency landing, which damaged the plane.

 Elections in Nigeria are usually affected by corruption and sabotage attempts, but this is the first time apparently that animals have been used to disrupt election campaigning.

 Read the full story HERE.


 At Last A Happier Story Out Of Christchurch, New Zealand

 A quick trip to the other side of the world before we end this week’s News From A Weird World, and this time to Christchurch in New Zealand, site of the horrendous earthquake in February.

 The earthquake caused a giant rock to crash through the walls of a house in Christchurch on 22nd February, and it ended up coming to rest in the hallway.

 The owner of the house, Phil Johnson,  put the bolder up for sale on an internet auction site, listing it as follows:

 For sale, 1 owner, 25-30 tonne landscape feature (answers to the name Rocky).

He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust). Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case, a magnificent addition to your living area… Rocky will enhance your ‘indoor-outdoor’ flow considerably.

The owner was pleasantly surprised to find that the bids for “Rocky” came to NZ$60,000 (US$44,000), the sum of which is being donated to a charity to help victims of the disaster.

 Mr. Johnson, “You Rock!”

 Read the full story HERE.


 I hope you enjoyed this edition of News From A Weird World as much as I enjoyed compiling all the stories.

 You can now also find links to all of the News From A Weird World and Offbeat News editions at Squidoo, and if you do enjoy these weekly Offbeat News articles, please could you help share them with your friends etc. I am sure they could use a good laugh too.

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