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St. Michael's Mount, CornwallThe county of Cornwall is the most south-western county in England and many would say that it’s also one of the most scenic too.

With it’s many small harbours and fishing villages, narrow winding roads and the bleak moorland, Cornwall is indeed a spectacular county to visit.

Cornwall is also very historic, with a Celtic population and settlements dating back thousands of years. It’s also home to the legendary King Arthur, although we don’t know if there is any truth to the stories of the Knights Of The Round Table, Camelot or the magician Merlin, but it’s good to believe.

The picture was taken from the top of St. Michael’s Mount looking towards the mainland and shows the Cornish flag. Copyright Tony Payne

F Is For Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips is known throughout the world as the Great British Takeaway, and nothing quite compares with a really good portion of Cod And Chips, wrapped in paper, and eaten while sitting on a bench overlooking the seaside, or a quaint Cornish Harbour

Images From Life

I love to travel and I also love to take photographs of places that I have been to. Not only do these photographs act as great memories for me, once in a while I manage to take what I think is a real gem, and it’s nice to have a great site like Red Bubble where I can share some of my works with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy my photographs, and if you do, please consider buying something from the collection, or sharing the gallery with your friends.