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Earning $100 A Day On Google Adsense

This is my goal, to earn $100 a day on Google Adsense, since I am currently out of work, having problems getting benefits, and in any case benefits alone will not provide enough for us to live on.

I have been using Adsense for over a year now, and the month by month experience does teach you a lot, however my current earnings are at best $100 a month, and that frankly isn’t good enough, it won’t support me, however $100 a day would at least help to cover much of my expenses.

I am sorry if you thought that this article was going to be the Golden Egg, the secret to wealth and fortune, BUT don’t leave yet, since my aim here is to share my knowledge with you as I learn more and try different techniques to increase my earnings.

So what is the secret to earning a lot of money with Google Adsense?

Well, ultimately it’s getting enough people to click on links on your web site / blog, but it’s a lot more complicated than that.

To get clicks you need traffic.   Yes T-R-A-F-F-I-C.    The clicks won’t come unless you have visitors.    Now these visitors must also be interested in what you have to offer, and it has to look interesting from the start and load fast, otherwise they will leave a page even quicker than they arrived,  and that does you absolutely no good at all.

“Oh great” you might say, all I need is to just get enough decent traffic, enough clicks from my visitors, and I am all set.


It’s still not that easy…

Clicks are not all worth the same, and I wish I knew the secret as to which ones are worth more than others.  The truth is, that while you might get a click that is worth $2, you might also get 20 clicks that are only worth $0.01 each.    I have had quite a few days where I only had a handful of clicks, and I made more than those days where I had 40 or 50 clicks which totalled less than $1.

So the question is, “How do I try to get better value clicks?”

It’s all based on keywords.

Different topics are worth different amounts, and advertisers pay a higher price to get their adverts in front of you for certain topics.

Take Credit Cards for example, or Mortgages.   These are two examples of higher paying keywords.

Well, now we know the theory of what you need to do, (a) get the right traffic to your site, (b) make the page design and advert look/placement attractive to maximise clicks, and (c) gear the page to higher paying keywords.

If you can get 100 clicks a day that is a good start, but at 1cent each, that’s only $1 total!  If they pay an average of $1 each, there is your $100.

That’s the lesson for today.  I am working on taking this to the next stage by focusing on traffic.   You can have a brilliant design that is perfectly optimised, but without traffic it’s worth nothing.   Equally traffic without clicks doesn’t pay, but traffic does get you noticed and affects your search engine rankings.

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