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Great News – Nintendo Wii Comes Down In Price

This truly is great news for anyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Wii games system.

On 27th September, Nintendo made an announcement dropping the price for the Wii console from the original $249.99 to only $199.99 as from 1st October.

This means that for those of you who are struggling to afford one, now the Nintendo Wii is hopefully within the price range that you can afford.

I know it’s still not within mine, unless I get a job soon, but this is good news for anyone who would like a Nintendo Wii who has a birthday coming up (and what greater birthday present could you ask for!), and it’s also ideal for the perfect Christmas present as well.

One thing I am certain of is that there is going to be a mad rush to buy the Nintendo Wii for Christmas, and while I am sure that Nintendo has geared up their production for this, I wouldn’t want to find out that they are all sold out.

If you are seriously thinking of buying a Nintendo Wii, the link above gives you more information and reviews.

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