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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

The A-Z April Blogging Challenge

Along with around 1,500 other writers I have been publishing articles in April as part of a challenge to write 26 articles, each with a theme of a different letter of the alphabet, beginning at A and working through to Z with each successive day.

A-Z Blogging Challenge

There are no prizes, just the feeling that you have accomplished something when you complete the mission, plus having 26 more articles on your blog, and hopefully some more regular followers.

So What Did I Write About

Beginning with the letter A on April 1st, here are the articles that I have written for the challenge so far:

A Is For April – which means April Fools Day, practical jokes, and a quick summary of the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

B Is For Brain Tumor – which my wife was diagnosed with in January, and has now almost fully recovered from thankfully.

C Is For Come Find Me – where can you find me on the internet.  If you would like to follow me on other sites like Facebook, Twitter or Stumbleupon, here is where I am.

D Is For Dine With Me – which discusses various articles that I have written about food and dining.

E Is For Evony – one of the most addictive multi-player games online.  Here I dealt with the addiction that my wife and I both had, and how games like Evony can destroy your lives.

F Is For Fish & Chips – the Great British Takeaway meal, and with my wife having spent some time in her grandparents Fish & Chip shop when she was growing up, a subject that she knows a lot about.

G Is For Gloomy Mornings – don’t you just hate waking up when it’s still dark and you look up to see just a grey sky full of threatening rain clouds.

H Is For History – one of my favourite subjects at school and ever since.  I especially love ancient history, and here my followers get to find out what it was that first interested me in history.

I Is For International Calls – which used to cost a small fortune, but which if you know what to look out for when buying an international calling card can now cost less than an inter-state phone call.

J Is For Jamaica – which is about my first trip to Jamaica in 1989 to install a computer system for one of the petroleum companies, but it’s not about work, it’s about my experiences there and my travels around the island.

K Is For Kingston Jamaica: That Is – ja mon!  This article goes on to describe more of my travels around the island of Jamaica and what it was like to be working in Kingston.

L Is For Lime Cay In Jamaica – the final part of my trip to Jamaica describes the pirate town of Port Royal, a visit to paradise at Lime Cay, and getting stranded adrift in the middle of the sea in a small boat.

M Is For Money Can It Make You Happy – which asks the question that if money is the root of all evil, why sometimes you need money to be happy.

N Is For Nuts! – which means anything from peanuts and cashews to an expression that was made famous during the Battle Of The Bulge.

Oh Dear My Muse Has Left Me – and how to overcome that dreaded phenomenon otherwise known as Writers Block.

P Is For Payne – not PAIN, PAINE or any other spelling forms…

Q Is For Queue – it’s just something that British folk do…

R Is For Reverse – meaning a change of direction, and this article changes direction after inspiration from an unexpected source…

S Is For Spam Comments – just something that has become a fact of life these days, but we can deal with it if we choose.

T Is For Today – I didn’t want to write my “T” post about the same thing as everyone else, and I wasn’t sure what to write about, so I thought “why not Today”.

U Is For Upside The Head – one of those phrases that really winds me up and makes me see red.

V Is For Vampire Woman – let the freak show begin as strange people try to change themselves to look demonic.

W Is For Wedding – and in 2 days time it’s the Royal Wedding, a huge celebration in the UK.

X Is For Xylophone – that often forgotten musical instrument, related to the Marimba that originated in Africa, and that is very entertaining to see someone play.

Y Is For Yawning – what is it that causes us to yawn? Is there a scientific reason?

Z Is For Zecharia Sitchin – a man who probably came closer than anyone to unraveling the mysteries of man’s most ancient times.

Whether you are a new visitor to Off The Record or whether you have been reading my articles for a while, I hope to see you back here reading my future articles, and if you do like them, please leave a comment, and help by sharing them.  You can find a Share button at the end of each article.

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