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W Is For Wedding

Spring time is the perfect time to get married, and in two days time the world (or at least the women of the world) will no doubt be glued to the television to see the spectacle that is the Royal Wedding take place in London.

Celebrity weddings are always popular, but so often are kept as secret or private affairs, but the Royal Wedding will be in keeping with tradition and be one where the whole of the United Kingdom can celebrate.

Not since the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, the parents of Prince William, got married almost 30 years ago, has London seen such pomp and circumstance.

Sure there have been other Royal Weddings, like those of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, but nothing that quite compares to the one that we are all looking forward to in the coming week.

The UK is excited for a number of reasons, not just because of the wedding itself, but because the wedding day, 29th April 2011 has also been declared a National Holiday.

Not wishing to make those in the USA jealous, especially since many of you might not have had a public holiday off work since New Years Day, and are waiting anxiously for Memorial Day at the end of May, but in the UK this time of year is probably the best of all for public holidays.

Only last weekend, the country had four days off work for Easter, and this coming weekend will see not only Friday as a holiday because of the Royal Wedding, but the following Monday as a holiday because it’s the first Monday in May.   With Easter falling so late this year, that makes it two four day weekends in a row, and on top of that the weather has been gorgeous.

The Royal Wedding will be good for the country in a time of unrest and high unemployment, and it is a good thing that the celebration is not going to be an overly lavish affair, which would not sit well with the public.

My only concern is that there are certain groups in the UK who like to protest and cause trouble, as was seen during a large demonstration in London in March, when over 200 people were arrested for damaging public property and assaulting the police.  These criminals, which is what they are, were not part of the protest, but merely used it as a reason to create problems.

Then of course there are the terrorist elements, who could be looking to use this event where many celebrities and high ranking officials are gathered together to try and cause more innocent deaths. You never know when and where these psychopaths are going to try and strike next.

My son and his wife are both police officers in London, and in March they were both on duty in Trafalgar Square, my son having around 15 bottles thrown at him.  I have to hope that every time there is an event like this in London and when I know that they are working, that they will be safe and not come to any harm.

So meantime, both Debbie and I will be watching television, seeing how many celebrities we can spot, looking to see if Victoria Beckham has learned to smile yet (I think it’s a physical imposibility myself), and looking to see if we can spot my son among the many police on duty that day.

It’s only just over a year of course since Debbie and I got married, and as those of you who read my articles know it’s been a difficult year, with Debbie getting sick, but things are now looking up and we hope that 2011 will be a great year for us.  If you missed the wedding photos, you can view them HERE and see what true happiness looks like.

If you are getting married this Spring or in the coming months, we wish you every happiness together.

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