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V Is For Vampire Woman

“Woo Vampire Woman” I can hear people saying, with their mental images of some sensual temptress with long flowing locks and an even longer flowing nightgown, showing off a hint of cleavage, and a look on her face that few men can resist.

STOP IT!  You have obviously been watching too many Vampire Movies, like The Twilight Saga or the old Hammer Studios horror movies ot the 1970’s.

Whether vampires are real or not I don’t know, but there is definitely a fascination with them, and the weirdest of all divas Lady Gaga is trying to tell the media that she “REALLY” is weird by appearing in a recent issue of Harpers Bazaar magazine with what looks like horns protruding from her skin.

Although this might shock “normal people” like you and I, fans of Lady Gaga probably think that this is cool and will no doubt follow suite and get their own satanic implants.

I would not be surprised to find however that Lady Gaga is actually the Anti-Christ, or some re-incarnation of the Dark Lord.  What’s the betting she has the number “666” tattooed somewhere on her body as well.

You never see her without heavy make-up do you, or close up.  She is always shown at a distance, and never without something that hides what she really looks like.   Anything is possible these days I suppose.

But back to the topic of the article, “Vampire Woman”, and I read about one woman today, Maria Jose Chisterna who is from Mexico, who actually calls herself “Vampire Woman”.

Maria, who is a 35 year old mother of four and a professional tatto artist, has a body that is virtually 100% tattooed, and also has a number of titanium implants under her skin, resembling horns, that make her look truly satanic, as can be seen from the pictures and video on Daily Pics And Flicks.

As if this is not enough, Maria has had dental implants so that her teeth resemble the fangs of a vampire.

So if you still think vampire women are sexy, you obviously have not yet clicked on the link above and seen the pictures of Maria.  In that case, hold tight to your cherished memories, because having seen what she looks like, you are never going to think of vampire women in the same light again.

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