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Christmas Traditions And Memories Of Growing Up

For many of us who are now grown up, and like in my case well over the hill, Christmas is no longer the same as it used to be.

Very often these days families have spread far and wide, making it harder with every year to get everyone together for a family celebration during the holidays.  In addition so many families have been through divorces, that can cause rifts during the holidays, especially when children have to choose which parents to visit on Christmas Day.

Our family is one of those where both divorce and moving away from the area where the family grew up has meant that getting everyone together for the holidays is pretty much impossible any more.

It’s sad really, because when I was growing up, we were the only ones on my Mother’s side of the family who lived away from the area that the family had belonged in for generations, and we always made it to my Grandmother’s house for Christmas, as did everyone else.

I have many memories of Christmases Past which I wrote about on Yahoo Voices.

I hope you have time to follow the story there and to learn about our family Christmas traditions, now fading into distant memory, but which I hope by writing about has helped to keep those memories alive for future generations.

Today Seems Kind Of Odd

With this being the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend in the USA, it seems rather weird for me being in the UK, sitting in an office working, when I feel that I ought to be relaxing at home with family and friends, or at least out grabbing some shopping bargains since it’s Black Friday.

Yes I’m English, but I moved to the USA in 1994 and lived there for 15 years, only returning to the UK in 2009, so as well as now being a dual American/British Citizen, I had 15 years to adopt the American lifestyle and to get used to spending the last weekend in November having a much earned break.

You would think that by being in the UK for over 2 years I would have got over this feeling by now, and I am sure that I would have, if it were not for having many friends and contacts who live in the USA, as well as my two daughters, whose Christmas presents I was shopping for Thanksgiving Day online to try and get some good deals.

In addition to this, I have been creating lenses (pages) on Squidoo that are related to the Black Friday sales, and reading lots of other pages about how people celebrate Thanksgiving, so it’s difficult to cut yourself off from everything that’s happening across the pond.

So here I am sitting in an office, on a day that’s not terribly busy, a lovely sunny day too, which is fairly rare for November in the UK, and I wish that I could have been at home so that Debbie and I could have gone for a lovely walk in The New Forest.

We are planning to do that tomorrow, but the weather man already said it’s going to be a chilly night tonight, and knowing our luck it will also be cloudy as well.  At this time of the year in the UK you have to pick your moments, you can’t always afford to put things off until tomorrow, because the weather might not be on your side.

Well those are my thoughts for this day after Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone that we know in the USA had a wonderful day yesterday.  Meantime instead of wishing that we too had a 4-day weekend, I am going to think ahead to next Easter, when we get our 4-day weekend, and in the USA it’s just another 2-day one.

Well Now It’s All Downhill To Christmas

This past weekend was August Bank Holiday in the UK, and officially the last public holiday here until Christmas Day on 25th December, and so it’s all downhill to Christmas.

The end of August is not only the last public holiday, it also marks the end of summer, and with it beginning to get dark around 8:30pm on the south coast of England, an hour earlier than it was a month ago, it’s not going to be long before Autumn is upon us and those short cold damn days that lead up to Winter are going to be what we face for the next six months.  I could swear that when we went out for a drive in the countryside yesterday we saw trees already beginning to take on a yellow or reddish hue.

While the Summer began quite nicely in the UK, August has actually been very wet and rather mild, leaving many people still longing for some nice hot days out, either at the beach or having a picnic somewhere in the country.

This coming weekend the USA will see Labor Day weekend, which also marks the end of Summer there, but then residents do at least still have Thanksgiving to look forward to, a nice 4 day weekend at the end of November.

As a dual British/American Citizen I sometimes wish that I could have both sets of holidays, since in the UK we have plenty of days off between New Years Day and Memorial Day at the end of May, which is the first public holiday that many Americans enjoy.  Still, it’s this time of year at the end of the summer when it is really depressing to have to work for almost 4 whole months without a break.

Maybe, just maybe, we will get lucky this year and have an Indian Summer, a nice week or two to look forward to in September or October.  Who knows…

What are your thoughts on public holidays?  Which are your favourites (or favorites even) and why?

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