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Five Weeks Back In The UK And No Work

Well it’s been five weeks ago today since I left the sunshine of hot and sticky South Florida and returned to the UK to be with Debbie. It’s true that we have had some nice days where the sun has shone, there have been blue skies, and it’s been a […]

Message From Management

In these current economic crises, we are sorry but we see no other alternative but to reduce our staff. We have to lay off André. A friend, let’s call him Bill, because his name is Bill, sent me this today.   He got laid off from the company I worked for […]

Unemployed Again

I thought that this job I have had for the last two years would see me safe, at least for a while, since the company is keen to hire people that are looking for a long term position, and it likes to hire experienced people rather than  trainees. Well it […]