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H Is For History

Even now I remember what interested me in history, in particular Ancient History, and it was going with my parents to see an Italian made Epic called The Wooden Horse Of Troy, which I found out was released in 1961. The story fascinated me, and I also had a Readers Digest book for children which had an article on Heinrich Schliemann who spent years searching for the location of Troy, before finally discovering the site in 1868.

My Next Project

Imagine a sailing ship leaving England on her first voyage in the early 1900’s, during what was to become the last true days of sail. On her voyage to Australia, the cargo catches fire more than once, and the crew spent over a month trying to put the fires out, while all the time at sea in the Atlantic. It’s a fateful voyage, as on her return voyage the ship hits a reef on a small island in The Pacific and sinks. The ship and it’s voyage have virtually passed into history, and there is virtually no information about it on the internet.