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The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

Movie Night Blues Revisited

For those of you who read my post about our Movie Night Blues and the problems we were having with our DVD Player, I have some updates.

A week ago I ordered a DVD Lens Cleaner Disk from Amazon, and today I plugged the old DVD Player that was giving problems back in, to see if the cleaner would fix the problems that we had been having.

Well, I inserted the disk, and would it load?  Nope!  So determined not to give up, I tried again… and again… and again… and on about the fifth or so attempt it actually loaded.  Great I thought, at least we are making progress.  Without being able to load a DVD, you never know if the problem is a dirty mirror, mis-aligned laser, or any other type of fault.

I ran the cleaning disk 3 times, then inserted a movie, crossed my fingers and… would it load?  Nope!   I tried to load the movie 4 or 5 times, but no luck.

Ok, back to the cleaning disk again…  Would this load?  Nope!   Hmmmm… Getting kind of frustrated now as you can imagine…

Finally I got the cleaning disk to load, and just sat there for the next 15 minutes running the cleaning cycle over and over to see if it would do any good.  I tried to load the movie again and YES it loaded!

Right then, the next test was to load the Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium DVD that the DVD Player had stopped on before when it was halfway through.  YES it loaded perfectly this time!

I decided that a good test was to play the disk the whole way through, and as I had hoped but not expected, it played perfectly.

So now the original DVD Player is back and working, hopefully for a long time, and I can also watch my Region 1 Movies from the USA that I brought back with me when I moved back to the UK a few months ago.

If you have any DVD problems I would be pleased to hear about them, and if there is an interest I could post a list of sites that discuss DVD problems and how to fix them.

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