Well, it finally arrived! Four whole months after my interview at the US Embassy in London, and the help of my M.P. (Member of Parliament), this arrived: Please be advised that we are now in a position to issue your US Visa. Please resubmit your passport to us for visa […]

Thirteen Days And Counting

It’s now thirteen days since I lost my job and I have been incredibly busy ever since, trying to organise my life and to promote my work more online. Since my health insurance runs out in less than a week I have been trying to get the essentials sorted out […]

For All My Unemployed Friends

My cry for help since I lost my job 11 days ago has gone out far and wide, and it’s so sad to hear of so many good people who have also lost their jobs.  Not only am I hearing from people that I have networked with over the last […]

One Week Later

Well it’s one week today since I lost my job, and I have been really busy during this time, trying to get so many things sorted out, but not making even half the progress that I would have liked to. I have a number of priorities for tasks, but so […]

Unemployed Again

I thought that this job I have had for the last two years would see me safe, at least for a while, since the company is keen to hire people that are looking for a long term position, and it likes to hire experienced people rather than  trainees. Well it […]

The Soccer Game

I was just about to leave work tonight when my ex-wife calls to ask if I want to take my youngest daughter (4 1/2) to her soccer game, seeing as my eldest (8 1/2) had a fever and she wanted to look after her.   So I drove straight from work, […]

Shopping With Debbie

This is the story of a fun shopping trip I had with my eldest daughter on Saturday.   I will do my best to try and bring the character of the area and the sights to life and I hope you enjoy this trip as much as I did. There is […]

Email From The Consular Information Unit Arrived!!

Finally, I had a response from the Consular Information Unit to my email sent on the 13th January. I was shaking and felt my heart pumping when I found it sat waiting for me in my mail box. I quickly opened it, and here’s what it says; ‘Your application is […]

Please Drink Responsibly

This is a post on behalf of the DUI Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps to educate people about the dangers of driving while drunk, to help in the prevention of accidents, and to assist with guidance should you be involved in one.   I now hand you over to Joseph […]

Positive Vibes Needed Please!

Well as some of  you may know, Tony lives in Florida and I live in the UK.   Over the last 18 months, I’ve done 6 trips over to Florida and Tony has made 2 to the UK. Anyway, last summer we had the opportunity to spend a year together in […]