£15 Off Nintendo 3DS At ASDA

Everyone wants the new Nintendo 3DS system, with it’s 3D Camera, 3D screen (no glasses required), and other great features to be found on the Nintendo DS series of handheld systems. Order either a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo 3DS Bundle from ASDA between now and Midnight on 30th January 2011 and get £15 off.

News from a Weird World – Offbeat News 26 January 2011

In this latest edition of News From A Weird World you can find bizarre news stories that include the mystery of the Miami Grand Piano, the Smell Of Rotting Flesh, Invasion Day Protests, The Perfect Holiday Companion, a woman with a Strange Addiction and more

What Makes a Rock Concert Memorable

Going to see an artist whose music you love performed live on stage is always something to look forward to, and usually an event to be remembered, but some rock concerts are more memorable than others. Is it just the music that made these concerts so memorable, or is there something else that enhanced the whole experience and turned it into an evening to be remembered forever.

London Art Exhibitions March 2011

London has number of museums and and art galleries, and as a result there are always good art exhibitions to be seen throughout the year. March 2011 is no exception, with exhibits that include Afghanistan – Crossroads Of The Ancient World, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, Modern British Sculpture and the British Art Show.

London Exhibitions in February 2011

There are always plenty of things to do in London, and February is no exception, with exhibitions that include The Titanic London Exhibition at the O2 Bubble, Food Glorious Food at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, the art of Anish Kapoor in Kensington Gardens, and Drawing Fashion at the Design Museum.

There is definitely something for everyone this month in London, and these are just a handful of the many events that are taking place in the metropolis.

Problem Causing Skype Extension for Firefox is Blocked by Mozilla

If like me you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and you have been extremely frustrated with it running slow, locking up and also crashing, maybe it’s not Firefox itself that has been causing the problem, but an extension for Firefox that is automatically applied when you install Skype onto your computer.

One Hundred Years Ago Today – 21 January 1911 – Journey on a Branch Line

Travelling by train today you visualise high speed locomotives rattling along at over 100 miles per hour, with few stops and your destination being just hours away. One hundred years ago, in the age of steam trains, travel by train was a far more interesting journey.

The Sydney Morning Herald from Australia on the 21st January 1911 included a great article on what it was like to take a journey on a steam train along a branch line 100 years ago.

Back in 1911 railways were still in their prime, and the main method of transporting freight and passengers overland, with the motor car being still in it’s infancy, and neither roads or refuelling stations set up to allow driving between anywhere but the larger cities.