News from a Weird World – Offbeat News 19 January 2011

In this latest edition of News From A Weird World you can find bizarre news stories that include an elderly woman bashing a burglar, UK Motorists Top Ten Pet Peeves, Recreating 100 year old whisky, couple float down river on a sex doll, Pulpo Paul’s shrine, how to stop your local library from closing and more.

Preparing for Your Wife to Come Home from Hospital

It’s hard for a man to cope when his wife has to go into hospital, but it’s very important that certain things are done to make the house ready for her to come home to, especially if she needs to rest for a while and not be concerned with daily chores.

2011 Brings New Waves Of Link Spam – Use WOT To Help Pay It Back

Almost everyone who has a blog or web site these days, who writes articles or creates pages on sites like Squidoo etc, will be familiar with what is commonly called Link Spamming. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I am sure you have seen comments on articles that advertise shopping sites, where to get Viagra, get rich quick schemes or dating sites etc. These comments are almost always completely unrelated to the content of the original article, and the creators try to get backlinks to them by adding them to Guestbooks and Comment boxes wherever they can. This is Link Spam!

The Walmart Clearance Sale Begins 26th December

The Walmart Clearance Sale begins the day after Christmas, with thousands of items on sale at unbelievable prices. If there is anything that you didn’t get before Christmas, or that you want to get at a special price after Christmas, don’t miss this great opportunity to save even more money than usual by shopping at Walmart.

Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s 10pm on Christmas Eve here in the UK, and Debbie and I wanted to wish all our friends and supporters of Off The Record a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe, stay warm (or cool), have a great time with family and friends. Best Wishes for the holiday season. Tony & Debbie

I Received A New Purple Star Award From Squidoo

A Purple Star Award is only given to lenses that are of a high standard, and also they must have been created by a Giant Squid, a lensmaster that has created at least 50 lenses of a high standard. This week I was awarded a Purple Star for my latest lens, which is The Top 25 Tom Hanks Movies, and which I hope to make the first in a series.

Give The Gift Of Free Talk This Christmas

Christmastime is when families and friends should be together, celebrating the season of joy, but sadly it’s not always possible for everyone to be together at this special time of year. If you have family members or close friends who are overseas this Christmas and cannot be with you, why not give them the gift of being able to talk to their family for free by buying them the gift of a calling card.

Damn Dog!

I went out to do my weekend chore of picking up his mess in the garden, for which I keep a small trowel which is dug in a flower bed. I began my “search and retrieve” mission, then realized the trowel handle was all slimy and wet.