Debbie And Tony's Photographs And Memories The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England
The Life and Times of Debbe & Tony from Southampton, England

What A Fun Evening This Is

Well first Debbie calls me this afternoon to tell me that the television picture is all pix-elated.

I gave her some ideas for things to check, the Cable box, make sure the correct AV input was selected etc, but she still couldn’t get it working.

I came home from work, and it’s definitely the television, since the picture is all distorted even when you play a DVD.

“Just great” we thought, no money to buy a new television, certainly not the one that we would like, so we are hoping to “borrow” one from a friend, or get a second hand one.

The picture did come back on for several minutes earlier, and we got our hopes up, but then it went again and hasn’t been right since.

At least the sound is working, but it’s not the same watching your favourite shows with a picture that is so messed up you can’t see anything.

So we have been sitting for the past several hours, listening to the television, while working online on our laptops.

That is up to 45 minutes ago – when the internet decided to crash on us. Oh double joy 🙁

I rebooted the router, but it’s still showing no connection.

I then called our ISP, who had already put up a recorded message to say that they had outages in our area, so I guess we will have to just wait.

Well so much for writing articles tonight…  We went up to bed early – no television and no internet – it’s like living in the dark ages…

Actually since we found out at the weekend that the central heating isn’t working either – it was cold.  Yes definitely like living in the dark ages!  At least the electricity didn’t go off.

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