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Withdrawal Symptoms And Moving

As the weekend fast approaches (it’s Friday lunchtime as I write this), the time is drawing close to when we move and I lose my internet connection for possibly up to a week.  I wonder if Debbie and I will both cope with not being able to check emails, do web searches, or play our favourite games (we are both currently hooked on Evony).

The other thing with changing your internet connection is wondering how well it will perform.  Since this is an old house (1950’s), will the phone wiring be too old to give us a good speed, or will our location alone determine that?  Will we get a faster speed than before, or be forced to suffer slow downs and disconnects?   The speed and reliability does concern me somewhat, since it affects webcam calls to my daughters in Florida, and it’s so much nicer when I can see them with a good quality picture.

Tonight when I get home from work, it’s going to be a case of getting changed, then loading up both cars for hopefully one, but possibly two trips to the house, to take the rest of the smaller items, and to leave just the larger ones and furniture for tomorrow.

That means by the time I get to sit down tonight, the house is going to be even more of a bombshell than it was last night, plus it’s going to be late and I have a busy day tomorrow, so chances are not a lot of time will be spent online tonight.

Tomorrow we are renting a van to move all the furniture, so we will be up early, and out to pick that up, so almost certainly, tonight will be my last chance to get online until the new connection is established.  How will I cope with not knowing what’s going on in the world?

The weather this week started off grey, gloomy and wet.  The forecast was for rain all week up to Saturday night, but as the week went on, the forecast got better – except for Saturday!  Right now the forecast is for today and Sunday to be dry with sunny spells, while Saturday is still expected to be wet.  I hope that’s not so, and the forecast is so often wrong, but I don’t much relish loading a van with furniture while it’s pouring with heavy rain, then having to reverse up a narrow road in the rain at the new house, and unload everything again.    The house is past the end of the road we are moving to, to even if you park as close as you can to the front door, you still have a good 50 yards to carry everything.  I am just looking forward to having everything in one place, and then we can move forward with settling in and making this new place feel like home.

I will try and post updates during the week from work, until we get connected back home.   Wish us luck with the move…

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