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Auto Pager – A Cool Firefox Add-On

Auto Pager in action screen shot.  This shows Auto Pager in use when searching for images on Google.  You can see the page divider on the snapshot.I am sure that everyone is familiar with the problem where you perform a search on your browser, or visit a site that has page after page of entries, requiring you to keep clicking on the button to take you to the next page, and waiting for that page to load and display.

Auto Pager is one answer to this problem, and having used it for the last six months or more, I can say that it works really well.  Written by Wind Li, Auto Pager detects when you have scrolled to the end of a page, and automatically loads the next page for you at the bottom of the current window, with a separator showing you where one page ends and the next begins.

The first time that you encounter a site with multiple pages that Auto Pager is set to recognize (for example Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the main search engines, plus the New York Times, eBay, Amazon, Digg and many more, and scroll to the end of a page, it will ask you if you want to use Auto Pager with this site.   Having confirmed this, it will then expand the bottom of the screen to include the next page, and will keep going as long as you keep scrolling down.

Auto Pager Options Screen.  Auto pager is a cool plugin for firefox that allows you to scroll through multiple=There is an FAQ page for Auto Pager on the author’s site, plus the options screen allows you to change a number of settings and to add new sites to Auto pager, if they are not already configured.  (Click on the Tools option at the top of the Firefox window, Add-Ons, then select the Auto pager add-on and click on Options).

Some of these options may be beyond most users of Auto Pager, but you would really only need to play with these if you are a developer.

There isn’t much more to say really, except if you haven’t tried this plugin for Firefox, give it a whirl.  I am sure you will find that it adds to your productivity when searching through multiple pages.

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